Irish Inspired Whole-Wheat Potato Cakes

Irish Inspired Whole-Wheat Potato Cakes

 Irish Inspired Whole-Wheat Potato Cakes

The humble British potato. So versatile yet mostly steamed, boiled or mashed! Do you have left-over potato's that never get eaten? Have you got a bag of potatoes sat in the pantry? This Irish inspired recipe also eaten in Scotland (usually served for breakfast) got me making some simple, quick potato cakes. Low in butter and using whole-wheat flour, they are perfect for a healthy lunch or even for your little one's to enjoy!

Here is my healthier version of potato cakes which I served with Avocado, tomato and spinach leaves. The rest will be eaten by my son!

Recipe:250g potatoes, I used Maris Piper potatoes.
20g unsalted butter
70g whole -wheat flour
1 tablespoon oil (I used vegetable but you can use sunflower)Any topping to serve!Firstly, I boiled my potatoes for 20 minutes on simmering heat. Make sure you check them if they need another 5! I then strained them and put them back into the pan to eliminate any excess water. After this I put them in a bowl to cool for the next stage.
Once the potatoes were cool enough to work with, I added them into my mixer. You can also do this by hand! I added my butter and mixed well, followed by my seasoning. I then added my flour until well combined, it should look like this:

Once your happy with your dough mix, you want to flour your work surface/board to roll out the dough. Make sure you also flour your rolling pin! I rolled my potato cake into a circular shape then took a cutter so make individual sizes, however this is only optional! I did mine about 1cm thick.

With an oiled pain hot pan, add your potato cake and leave it to cook on medium heat for around 4 minutes each side. Depending on the thickness it might need longer so keep an eye out. Place them onto a plate until all of your cakes are done. The house should be smelling lovely by this stage!

I added a few spinach leaves with tomato and avocado for my potato cakes, it's your choice what you add! I hope you enjoy this healthier version, served for breakfast, lunch or a snack!


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