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Shoes off, coat off. Get me that dressing gown & slippers!Bliss, nothing better than a nice warm house after a long day outside in the bitter cold. It's dinner time and with a rumbling stomach I'm craving some fish and chips. The classic British meal we are famous for but can it be made quickly from scratch? Answer, yes if you know your kitchen down to a T! (And a glass of cider down your neck

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Famous Food Quote Of The Day

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” -Julia Child

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Chocolate Blueberry Bites

Low in sugar, high in fruit content & toddler approved! If you don't have children this is a great quick recipe to enjoy with a cup of tea or on the go.

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Cured Beef & Avocado Toast Lunch

There's definitely nothing better than a refreshing lunch after a busy morning. This week, I bought some air-dried wafer thin beef. I first tried this when I lived in Italy. Typically served with plenty of lemon juice, it was the simplicity of the dish that was inspirational!

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Irish Inspired Whole-Wheat Potato Cakes

 Irish Inspired Whole-Wheat Potato CakesThe humble British potato. So versatile yet mostly steamed, boiled or mashed! Do you have left-over potato's that never get eaten? Have you got a bag of potatoes sat in the pantry? This Irish inspired recipe also eaten in Scotland (usually served for breakfast) got me making some simple, quick potato cakes. Low in butter and using whole-wheat flour, they are

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