Shoes off, coat off. Get me that dressing gown & slippers!

Bliss, nothing better than a nice warm house after a long day outside in the bitter cold. It's dinner time and with a rumbling stomach I'm craving some fish and chips. The classic British meal we are famous for but can it be made quickly from scratch? Answer, yes if you know your kitchen down to a T! (And a glass of cider down your neck to get you in the mood). This meal was surprisingly cheap and contained more fish than a traditional battered cod from frozen. (Or even a takeaway).

I went on my weekly shop and found several cod fillets from frozen that where so reasonably priced. I notice how frozen food can be really important when you have a busy lifestyle and still want to achieve excellent healthy meals. One idea that came into my head was to cut one of the fillets and make fish fingers for my 1 year old son. Plenty of fish with baked breadcrumbs, perfect. Do the same for the fillet for an adult sized fish & chips meal?

To create this breaded fish I did use a pre-made natural breadcrumb mix. Now, that might be a shock horror to you that I used something from the store this way however usually making breadcrumbs from leftover baguette & sometimes a pinch of parmesan cheese for extra flavour, I didn't have any left and I needed to eat this meal! So with that I sprinkled some breadcrumbs on a separate plate, on another plate whisked egg and the final plate some flour. I defrosted my fish half way so it was durable to coat it in egg wash, flour, egg wash again and coated in breadcrumbs. Simply placed them onto a baking tray and seasoned with black pepper. (180 degrees for 20-25 minutes) For my chips, I simply peeled some potatoes, cut them into fries and parboiled them for about 3 minutes. I then fluffed them up in a colander and added 2 tablespoons of flour to get them dry and added olive oil & seasoning. I like to add smoked paprika as an extra kick of flavour. I then added a simple leaf salad on the side & served with lime rather than lemon for another extra punch of flavour. (180 degrees for 40 minutes stirring halfway).

Simply heaven! Enjoy.

Mama Bee


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