Over the past few months, I have bumped into several people commending me on my blog but at the same time curious on how to start their own blogging career. I did shared with them the tips, however I realized that it is not worth keeping this idea only to myself and people around me rather I should share to the outer world. Obviously, I know that there are so many people out there who have the writing skills/talents with  the passion of sharing knowledge but have been debarred due to lack of guidance on how to begin.

Well, to these people, I say to you now.....Relax!

This post is specially for you as I aim to walk  you through on how to begin your blogging career starting from coming up with your ideas, registering your domain and delivering your ideas for utmost benefits.

So let me assume that you love to write {this could be on anything} You enjoy reading and following other people's posts and blogs and you have been pondering on how to start blogging so as to ease off your ever burning desire.

Can I tell you what?????? Please wait no longer! Delay, they say is dangerous and I will be glad to see you put your feet down today and make your decision, no matter whose horse is gored!

I will be super excited to see that this post is not just in vain, rather that it yielded value to your life with a total transformation to your life.

All I can say to you is that, today is your D-day to start your own blog!

Just follow the simple steps outlined below and I bet you will buy me a bottle of Champagne very soon to say thank you Blessing.....{Laughs}

But joke apart, I believe this is a golden opportunity for you to share your views and opinion. We all are born with great talents and ideas and it can only take a brave mind to bring out those talents. Now is the time for you to bring out your writing skills and transform other people's life.

Alright... Lets get started!

1) Choose a Topic to Blog About.
Now that you have a burning desire to start your own blog, the first thing to do is to choose a topic you are comfortable and passionate to blog about. Just like I have chosen to blog on everything related to food, you can choose your own topic that you have interest in. My advice is to not jump into a topic you have no interest in, rather choose a topic you see yourself becoming an expert in the field in the near future.
2) Write down your Ideas.
Often times, most people complain that they have some ideas come across their mind but within few hours they see themselves struggling to remember those ideas. My advice is to leave a dedicated notebook around you. Thank God for technologies, even in the absence of notebook, there are several smart writing tools like Evernote, notepad which you can download on your phones and use for your write-ups. Ensure to write down all ideas that come to mind down at that particular moment so you exonerate yourself from struggling to remember them. When you are much relaxed, you can then go through your ideas and choose the meaningful ones.
3) Choose a Domain Name.
This is the most interesting step but yet a challenging one! Don't get me wrong.... This is the part you will decide the name to give your domain. When I started my blog, I spent days thinking on a name to call my blog. I mean.. You can always call your blog "anything" but "anything" is not just good enough for you!
You want a domain name that is "Rare", "Captivating" and "Memorable". I am sure you want a "Punchy" blog that will motivate people to keep trooping to your website.
I came up with several domain names before I finally decided to settle for {}
I encourage you to brainstorm for as many ideas as possible and don't forget to write down those ideas as they come because the next step is the most important part.
4)Hosting Platform
Now that you have selected a domain name, it is time to look for the hosting platform... Look no further, that's why this post is dedicated for  you because I have made everything easier just for you. Let me introduce BLUEHOST to you, because it is a very spectacular hosting site built on an open source technology. Once you have clicked on BLUEHOST, enter your chosen domain name in a similar box like the one shown below to see if it is still available or has already been taken by someone else.


5) Choose a Plan

Once your domain name is still available, then the next step is to choose a plan from a sample below. I recommend the "Starter plan" for a personal blog, then "Plus and Business Pro" Plans for businesses. One good advantage of using BLUEHOST is that "New Customers Get a Discounted Price". I can strongly assure you that using them will save you quite a lot of cash and the benefits you will get are quite innumerable.


5) Wordpress Installation
Now that you have chosen a plan and completed your BLUEHOST registration, the next step is to install WordPress. Wordpress is a web software useful for creating websites or blogs. It is a full management content system and uses wordpress which I can assure you that it is very EASY to install, use and manage. ALAS!

Advantageously, BLUEHOST can also give you a free domain name if you choose to host with them. By Hosting with them, I mean BLUEHOST will help you  rent a space on the web where you can display your blog.

This is how to install WordPress:

Once you Login to your BLUEHOST account, you will see a Control Panel, Scroll down and click on simple script.

Then Scroll down to WordPress, click on it and then Click the Install button and follow the easy steps it will show you to Complete the installation just within seconds.

On completion of the installation process, the system will show you the following:

Site URL

Login URL



These are things you want to write down and remember for future references. Key in your Login URL into the web browser and a Login screen like the one shown below will appear. Then enter your already generated Username and Password.

Wordpress login

6) Theme Installation

This step is the part I love most because this is the stage where you decorate and beautify your blog. Just as you decorate your home and environment, you should see your blog as your virtual home hence needs absolute decoration. The way you decorate your blog will project what you can deliver hence I suggest you make a wise decision at this stage......

This step involves installing theme i.e how you want your blog to look like.  WordPress offers loads of free themes to select from. Just scan through the available options and choose a theme that is relevant to your field and there you go......On your blogging career.



BLUEHOST is a reputable and one of the largest web hosting providers in the world.  Founded in 2003 and currently powering over 2 million websites all over the world.


I wish you all the very best as you begin this great and amazing journey!

If you encounter any difficulties setting up your blog, or if the steps are not clear to you, don't hesitate to drop me a comment below and I will try and respond asap!


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