Hi my lovely readers, I am just glad to share with you some easy steps on how to start yumming recipes from this blog. You probably may have heard of Yummly before or not but its a pleasure to let you know that this is a great platform launched in 2010 that contains gazillions of mouthwatering recipes from all over the world. Interestingly, it is also super easy to use and Yum all your favorite recipes.

Literally speaking, yumming a recipe simply means saving a recipe for future use. So while yumming your recipes, you are basically making a collection of all your favourite recipes, which makes it easier for you to easily retrieve any of your favourite recipes you want to try out anytime and anywhere.


There are uncountable tonnes of recipes out there and it can be quite challenging keeping track of all these recipes but Yummly does all these great tasks for you. With Yummly, you will find it pretty easy to keep track of any recipe you admire and aim to try out in the future. Many of my readers actually confided in me that they do find it hard saving my recipes for future use either with the issues of saving the recipe link, pictures and steps of preparation.

When I continued receiving these concerns from my readers over and over again, I decided to take a bold step to see how to give answers to them. I am just happy to announce that in the process of my quest for a convenient platform to settle these issues, I stumbled upon Yummly. The goodnews about this recipe collection site is that it is easy to use; all you need to do is sign up and create your collection boards then you can start yumming any recipe you so desire. I can assure you that using Yummly can never be any easier, better and quicker for saving and sharing all your recipes--- It's just a click away of the “Yum” button and the deed is done.

But apart from my readers, it might also interest other food bloggers to know that Yummly is a great tool for driving traffic to your blog. This post will share some ideas on how my readers can yum my recipes from my blog as well as how other fellow bloggers can use Yummly with ease.

1) While browsing through this blog and you come across any interesting recipe you would like to save for future use, just click the YUM button on the left side bar close to the recipe and the recipe will be automatically saved for you.
2) But before then, you need to sign up an account with Yummly, which is pretty easy to do. Just visit the Yummly website, follow the signup procedures to create an account then you can create collection boards where you can save your recipes.
3) So anytime you need to Yum a recipe, select the board you want the recipe to be saved to and then you have for yourself some beautiful collections of all your food recipes.
4) Apart from Yumming directly from my blog, I do have a board where I save all my mouthwatering recipes, which you can check out via GlobalFoodBookYummlyPage.
5) You can also share your favourite recipes on other social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest; all you need to do is to click the social sharing buttons that are all together with the YUM button on the left side of the blog. Basically, you can easily Yum, Tweet, Like, Pin, Stumble, email or reshare the recipe with ease.
I hope you enjoy all my Yummly recipes even as you try out this tool.

1) Once you have signed up with Yummly, add your own recipes so you can start getting traffic to your blog.
2) When you Yum your very first recipe, your own publisher landing page will automatically be created for you on Yummly. Incase you find it difficult to get started, there is a publisher page that details the procedures for using Yummly. Just check it out.
3) Afterwards, add a Yummly share button on your website either through Yummly or using a third-party sharing button plugin, such as SumoMe or Shareaholic so that your readers can start Yumming your recipes with ease!
4) If you are viewing the recipe, you will see the list of ingredients including links to the original recipe, taste ratings, nutritional information and tags.
5) You can also use Yummly to share your recipes to any social media including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
6) Choose your setting preferences as it best suits you so that Yummly can easily filter each search you make based on your taste preferences.
7) To see your publisher page, type yummly.com (or .co.uk depending on your set up)/page/yourblogname e.g mine is http://www.yummly.com/page/globalfoodbook
8) Each time you yum a recipe, check to see if it has been processed so that you will be able to see the link to the recipe on your publisher page.
N:B The more recipes you Yum, the more traffic you drive to your blog.


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