Roasted Pangasius Fish Recipe

Roasted Pangasius Fish Recipe

Pangasius is a freshwater fish with an Asian origin. It belongs to a genus of large catfishes of Helicophagus genera and the Pangasiidae family. Pangasius (Pangasianodon) is characaterised by the lack of teeth in adults, absence of mandibular barbels with visible single-lobed swimbladder.
Pangasius is among the tenth most popular seafood product eaten in the United States, Vietnam, Europe and Cambodia with the possibility of higher demand in the future. The increased demand for this fish is leading to the expansion of farming activities in many nations. Popular Pangasius fish species are boneless and they come in various shapes and sizes.
Nutritional Value
Pangasius are very nutritious because they have very low fat content with an increased protein level.
Pangasius is an excellent source of Omega 3. It is approximately low in saturated fat with low cholesterol content.
It is a healthy choice for the family and the taste is just amazing. Different countries have different cuisines for preparation and the dish usually comes out very tasty and delicious.
This post will feature an easy but yet delicious roasted pangasius fish recipe. It is easy in the sense that you can actually get it prepared and ready to pop into the oven within few minutes and the rest of the task is left for the oven to complete.
The step involves, cleaning and washing the fish and then sprinkling and mixing it with your choice of spices and herbs before placing on the baking pan and finally popping in the oven to roast.                         As--Easy---As----That!
Then allow to roast for at least 30 mins depending on the capacity of the oven in use, ensuring to turn the fish over to the other side to cook properly until golden brown and thoroughly cooked both externally and internally. The fish can be garnished as desired and served as a side dish.
Give it a try and I bet you will love it.


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