Sea Bass with Mixed Vegetables Recipe Video!!!

Yeah, I know that I've shared a couple of fish recipes in the past, but I couldn't resist sharing this particular sea bass with mixed vegetables recipe with you today. Since it is the first day of December, I consider it thoughtful to welcome you into this new month with a special nutritious delicacy that will wow your taste-bud.

Despite having shared some fish recipes such as; oven roasted croaker fish, roasted salmon with vegetables, spicy grilled croaker fish, roasted pangasius fish; to name but a few - the thought of making this sea bass with mixed vegetables was just irresistible as I knew the outcome was going to be amazing! I believe this is also among my favourite fish dishes as it is tasty, tender, flavourful and packed with nutritious vegetables such as parsnip, onion, pointed sweet pepper, tomatoes and dill.

sea bass with mixed vegetables

Let me quickly highlight that the addition of some pomegranate seeds was just the icing on the cake as these cutie seeds catapulted the aroma to the next level. Well, I don't need to preach to you to compliment this sea bass recipe with some pomegranate seeds; just a trial by you will justify my action.
But not to worry, whether you seal up the flavour with some pomegranate seeds or not, you surely will not be disappointed! Mark my word!
I can assure you that this sea bass with mixed vegetables dish is so yummilicious and it turned out to be everything I wished for in a fish dish.

Yummilicious! Sweetilicious!! Delicious!!! and Tender-licious :D
This sea bass came out so well and I believe the key is making some slits on it so that that the marinade can easily permeate into it. Yep, slitting the fish just allows the ingredients to evenly penetrate into the fish while being cooked.

sea bass with mixed vegetables sea bass with mixed vegetablesBut just be cautious to use the right amount of ingredients so as to get the best of this fish. You just need to add the right quantity of ingredients in other to get the finished product right and nothing more than that. I'll pause at this point and allow you to go, prepare and enjoy this warm, delectable dish for yourself.

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