Vegetable Salad || Fresh Salad Recipe

Vegetable Salad || Fresh Salad Recipe

I don't know about you, but I often find myself storing a lot of fresh assorted vegetables in the fridge. For whatever reason, I keep finding myself in this helpless situation but I suppose it is a good problem to have. Basically, that's my own subconscious way of adhering to a healthy eating lifestyle. But the best part of this problem is that I always end up making all kinds of salads and pairing the salads with virtually most of my main meals. Sometimes, I eat these salads as a quick breakfast or sometimes as a side dish for an afternoon lunch or dinner. However I chose to eat them, it is always a WIN-WIN situation.

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One of my favourite quick means of utilizing my vegetables includes making a fresh salad with whichever vegetables I have handy and then refrigerating it for later use. Alternatively, I just chop the vegetables up finely, place them in separate bags or containers and refrigerate them. I then mix them up and serve when needed. Because I absolutely hate throwing vegetables away, I always endeavour to come up with unique ways of using them up. Yes, a bulky chunk of them all at once.
One thing I love about salad recipes is that they are not restrictive in the sense that you can pair whatever vegetables you like at a time. Just wash them up properly, peel and cut the ones that require such service and then throw them all into a bowl and you are good.
Last Wednesday, I returned home from the farmer’s market with tons of beautiful fresh salad vegetables. While picking up these veggies at the market, my brain was just calculating how best to use them up. I knew outrightly that I must create a satisfying salad dish out of the veggies. Interestingly, this mixed vegetable salad turned out to be a beautifully-made healthy salad, with a dash of mayonnaise in it, just to add creaminess and body to it. The recipe calls for my favourite vegetables (cucumber, onion, bell pepper, red cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and sprite), which you can easily buy from the grocery shops or farmer's market. A fantastic salad I must confess! Tell me what’s not to like about it?
For this salad recipe, I pretty much eye-balled everything. Even though I tried to come up with some approximate measurements of what I used as shown in the recipe section below, there isn't any need to be exact. Yes, you can actually scale up or down the ingredients based on what you readily have available or whatever vegetables you need to use up. Simply explore your imagination!
Honestly, this mixed vegetable salad is a very simple recipe! The only tedious part is cutting up the vegetables, although I personally do not consider that as hard work. It literally didn’t take me that much time to peel, cut, deseed, wash up and slice up all the vegetables. Once you have all the vegetables cut up and ready to go, your salad is basically ready. To make the salad a bit creamy, I added mayonnaise in it. Firstly, I mixed some amount of mayonnaise with sprite. Adding sprite to the mayonnaise was just to lighten up the consistency of the mayonnaise while adding a dash of sweeetttyyyy flavour to it. Once you have everything put together, they will all meld perfectly together.
This healthy mixed vegetable salad is ideal for breakfasts, lunches or even dinners. It is also perfect for parties, events, summer cookouts, and get-togethers! The recipe is pretty easy yet the outcome is super healthy and refreshing to the body. It can serve as a main dish or as a side dish. Crunchy, delicious and nutritious - this is simply an all-rounder salad for everyone. Interestingly, all the ingredients are easily available at the grocery stores. So, when next you visit your nearest grocery store or the farmers market, make provisions to purchase the necessary ingredients and make this nutritious salad for yourself and loved ones.


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