Sunny days and blue skies are pertinent signs  that summer has finally arrived! This is a resounding news for majority of us  ,,,,,,  So lets celebrate the arrival of summer with this flavourfully prepared bowl of grilled chicken and vegetable salad.

grilled chicken and vegetable salad (1)A refreshing, full-flavoured salad that's made using some grilled chicken and fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, basil, parsley!!!

This grilled chicken and vegetable salad was a huge hit for my family as we enjoyed it alongside other main meals for a relaxing lunch. It was simple and easy to make and there are no doubts that an insightful chicken salad lover may already know the secret behind the preparation of this delectable dish.... Yes, it was easy to prepare because I'd already some grilled chicken sitting in my freezer. So all I did was to pop the chicken into the microwave for few mins and alas! Lunch is set...

Just as simple as simpler!

Whether you are making a simple salad or a rich salad, it's all about choosing the right vegetables! The reward of making the right selection are; loads of healthy nutrients, multivitamins and deliciously superb flavours. Endeavor to purchase fresh vegetables and deeply red-coloured tomatoes that are still shiny and firm.

Using fresh ingredients for your salad intensify their aromatic flavour and sweet scent for some tantalizing tastes. As the title suggests, this salad was garnished with some grilled chicken - perfect pair for the salad with its rich taste and strong aroma.
grilled chicken and vegetable salad (2)Whether you are preparing it for yourself, family or hosting a picnic, freshly-made grilled chicken and vegetable salad is a must!

Honestly, you can never get enough of the great flavours packed in this salad. 

Moreover, life sometimes seems so busy that finding time to cook our food can be tough! But having some vegetables in your fridge with some grilled chicken is now an alternative and even makes life easier and healthier than ever. Interestingly, everyone has a creative brain - So you can as well tweak your salad recipe and make some fantastic salads that are just super---amazingly-----palatable!!!

I trust you and I have no doubts that you can come up with some more versions. Yes, you can even share with us your salad recipe hereso we all can learn from each other.

grilled chicken and vegetable salad


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