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Roasted chicken with sharon and kiwi salsa -- delectable dish of chicken with a collection of tiny bits of refreshing fruits, flavored with fragrant basil, parsley and mixed herbs; tell me what's not in this meal to love? I have made several homemade salsas in the past, but I can tell that pairing it with chicken is a perfect combination.

Honestly, this is the time to try something a little more light but yet fulfilling. 

Roasted_Chicken_with_sharon_kiwi_salsa (3)Of course this dish is super-duper spot on and so captivating. Mixing the chicken with the seasoning wasn't a difficult task at all, although chopping up all the fruits by hand took a little bit of time, but I wasn't in a hurry though so the final outcome was definitely worth it. The chicken recipe combines a tasteful of so juicy maggi seasoning that is absolutely perfect with the sharon and kiwi salsa.

Just perfect for the season!
Roasted_Chicken_with_sharon_kiwi_salsa (4)I found this recipe very easy and interesting to engage in and all I know is that the dish came out pretty well and quite tasty. For the salsa dressing I just made up a mixture of lime juice, mixed herbs and salt to taste along with some chopped basil and parsley, and then drizzled few drops of olive oil to hold it all together a lot more better.

You can never go wrong with these ingredients; just go for it and find out how delicious it will turn out to be. Roasting the chicken wasn't any difficult task at all. Kudos to the additional cooking bag provided by Maggi, which I added all the chicken into before popping into the oven.
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It is always advisable to place the sealed cooking bag at the bottom of the oven because it usually expands while cooking. Just get the oven ready for this meal with some styles and I bet you'll ever love this distinctive dish.
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Making homemade kiwi salsa was fun and the outcome was flavoursome and tasty and this dish will have me continue doing it over and over again because I can never get enough of it.

It couldn’t be any easier, simpler, tastier or healthier! Just go for it........
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