apple, kiwi and plum yogurt (1) It is just super simple and can't be any simpler than this! Make that apple, kiwi and plum yogurt within 5 mins for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner dessert. Yes, you can do it because it can't be any easier than this......

Honestly, within 5 minutes, you can make quite a few glasses of tasty fruit yogurt by layering your favorite fresh fruits over natural bio yogurt. And more interestingly, the yogurt is low-fat, so you need not worry about adding extra calories. Although the yogurt is sugar-free, the sweetness of the fruits is a perfect blend for the yogurt that you need not worry about additional sugar, which otherwise is additional calories.... You get what I mean?

apple, kiwi and plum yogurt

Getting this ready only involves washing and cutting your chosen fruits into tiny bits, then layering the fruits in-between the yogurt in a glass for a creamy, tasty and refreshing dessert. Once you've gat the fruits all cut up, then the dessert is as good as ready! Top it with some sliced kiwi and fresh basil leaves for distinctive flavor and taste; quite a refreshing pleasure you can't afford to miss. 

This apple and plum yogurt is just a healthy hearty dessert you can't afford to miss and just easy and cheap to come-by. I don't know about you, but I believe that a fruit yogurt is also a special way of enjoying some fresh fruits..... This recipe is so fantastic because you can tweak it the way you like,,, you can use whichever type of fruit you so desire and the outcome is always a winner!

I bet you will give me some tip-off for this...{Winks, Winks,, Winks,,,}
apple, kiwi and plum yogurt (3)

Yes, you can choose to use blueberries, pineapple, pawpaw, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, mangoes or any fruit of choice but just make sure that the chosen fruits are ripe and sweet enough to complement the yogurt taste. Yogurt is known for its popularity; be it plain, mixed, sour, sweetened or fruity ones.

Yogurts are also very healthy and helps the bowel for easy digestion of food. Make it a part of your regular dessert either for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


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