As previously mentioned on the tomberry tomatoes post I shared a few days ago, last weekend Iyke and I had the opportunity of spotting the tomberry tomatoes for the very first time ? ?. There and then, I decided on a quickiiieee recipe that will be a perfect pair with all the tomberries fixings.

I went for the easiest option for a start but yet a tasteful and refreshing dessert indeed; tomberry tomatoes yoghurt! On top of the make-it-easy-yourself recipe, I also made some delicious omelets with tomberry tomatoes, which I can tell you for sure that the omelet was classical.

Iyke and I also wanted some few bowls of freshly-made salads as well, so the tomberries were right at our beck and call. But most importantly, a unique recipe that caught my fancy was also created to my utmost satisfaction.

When I remembered that we also bought a container of white plain yoghurt, it immediately came to my mind that pairing the yoghurt with the tomberries will definitely be a fantastic combination. I immediately washed the tomberry tomatoes, added them in a colander to drain excess water before giving the recipe a go.

tomberry tomatoes yoghurt

I also brought out some clean glasses, washed them all and alas...... all ready to give the tomberry tomatoes yoghurt recipe a go. Well, I can assure you that this is one of the easiest recipes you can think of. The only part I suppose you might consider a lil' bit difficult is going to the supermarket to grab a container of yoghurt for yourself and possibly buy some few packs of tomberries. The few pictures from this tomberries yoghurt post will let you know how delectable this dessert is; very interesting toppings to let everyone want to make their own tomberry tomatoes yoghurt themselves.

Apart from these major tasks, the rest is as good as done ?. Once you have the tomberries and yoghurt ready, just layer the tomberries and yoghurt over each other in a clean glass. Then relax and enjoy your dessert as you desire. It might also interest you to know that because I am a huge yoghurt fan, the idea of yoghurt pairing with my (Love-at-first-sight) tomberry tomatoes sounded absolutely wonderful and I never hesitated to give it a shot.

I have no doubt that you might be fortunate to find the most beautiful display of tomberry tomatoes in your farmer's market or supermarket but in a situation where you are unable to do so, I think the cherry tomatoes can also be a perfect substitute of tomberries for this recipe.

Just a quick heads up on some important facts you ought to know about this wonderful tomberries yoghurt; it's simple, easy-to-make but yet full of freshness from the tomberry tomatoes and yoghurt with wonderful texture. The colourful appearance of the tomberries on the yoghurt is my clear definition of a perfect yoghurt dessert.

tomberry tomatoes yoghurt(1)

It might also interest you to know that yoghurt (yoghourt, yogurt) originated from Turkish word yoğurt. It is made through the bacterial fermentation of milk using fermentation equipment, processes and techniques. Yogurt cultures (Lactobacillus delbrueckii, bulgaricus, streptococcus thermophilus) are the non-harmful bacterias used for producing yogurt.

The fermentation process usually generates lactic acid that acts on the milk protein to generate the thick and tang texture of a yogurt. For yogurt production, milk from cow, goat or sheep can be used.

Nutritional Value of Yogurt
Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin B12, fat, riboflavin, protein, probiotics and vitamin B6. Lactose-intolerant chaps stand a higher chances of tolerating yoghurt more than other dairy products because lactose can be easily converted to sugars glucose and galactose.

tomberry tomatoes yoghurt(2)

There are several types of yoghurt out there and to name but a few include; Greek-style yoghurt, Icelandic Yogurt, Balkan-style yogurt, creamline yogurt, stirred yogurt or Swiss-style yoghurt, lactose-free yogurt, soy yogurt, whole-milk or full-fat yogurt, European-Style yogurt, goat and sheep-milk yogurt, almond yoghurt, coconut-milk yogurt, fruited yogurt, Kefir yoghurt and lowfat yoghurt.

So now that I have given you some insights on what the tomberry tomatoes yoghurt is all about, I urge you to give it a shot!

XOXO Blessing ?



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