Microwave Scrambled Eggs With Chopped Tomatoes And Carrots

Microwave Scrambled Eggs With Chopped Tomatoes And Carrots

microwave_scrambled_eggs (3)I have had a crate of egg sitting in my fridge for quite some time now. I do enjoy including it in my breakfast, and I enjoy the aroma and flavour it adds to the breakfast I make with it. Although I have always been on the lookout for a new recipe to pair with carrots; but then I realised that carrots can be a perfect match for this egg recipe. I knew they would also be a perfect pair with fresh tomatoes for the scrambled eggs. Just a perfect breakfast!

Preparing scrambled eggs is just a simple, easy, quick, delicious and popular English breakfast. The whole idea of preparing this microwave scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes and carrots captivates me. Moreover, being able to mix the chopped veggies and eggs before into the microwave is so interesting! microwave_scrambled_eggs (4)This recipe is just superb, easy, simple, healthy and amazingly quick to put together. The scrambled eggs with the tomatoes and carrots turned out light, creamy and soft. Also great for this recipe on the other side, is a pinch of salt, little milk and butter with some herbs if you desire some additional flavour.

microwave_scrambled_eggs (7)Basically, I started by washing and chopping the tomatoes and carrots into tiny bits. This was followed by cracking the eggs into a clean bowl and whisking them properly. Then a little bit of lukewarm water, melted butter, chopped tomatoes, chopped carrots, milk, black peppercorn and salt to taste were added in the eggs with the mixture being whisked properly.

microwave_scrambled_eggs (8)An all purpose recipe one can easily tweak to suit one's taste bud and desire. Although I have tried making some scrambled eggs in the past but using this method is just most extraordinary. Since I had a batch of all the required ingredients in my kitchen, I thought it right to give it a go! I then lubricated the ceramic wares before pouring the mixture into them. Since this process requires minimal care, I was able to pop them into the microwave, set the timer and then was able to attend to other kitchen errands.

microwave_scrambled_eggsThe eggs are then microwaved until properly cooked. The cooking timing depends on the microwave's temperature as the higher the temperature, the less time needed to cook the eggs.

microwave_scrambled_eggs (5)Once the eggs are cooked, more ingredients such as spices and dry herbs may be sprinkled over the scrambled eggs but this is totally optional. It is noteworthy that the eggs should be cooked before removing from heat, as adopting this method makes the eggs to have a better and appetising taste. Give this recipe a try and I bet you will enjoy it.

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