It's a veggie day for me today! Yes, I decided to turn a vegetarian just for today and the whole day has caught me eating only fruit and vegetables!!!

I can barely believe that I spent the entire day eating no main dish but then, I ain't complaining at all. For whatever reasons, I was just craving today for mainly fresh and tasty fruity dishes and it took me less time to admit that sauteing some carrots I had in my kitchen won't be a bad option at all. Moreover, because I wanted something a lil' bit vegetarian, these sauteed carrots definitely rendered what I was envisaging for.


Yes, sometimes it is a great option to do some beneficial unusual things just for a change. And in honor of this special veggie day, I decided to specially make some fresh spicy saute carrots.

Personally, simple is simply the best!!!

There are no two ways about it.... Besides, tasty side-dishes can't really can't get any simpler and easier than this.

So tasteful, flavorful and fresh to the core!

Well, should I say that I was prompted to go vegetarian today because it is the month of August when the weather is so clear and shinning (peak of summer). Honestly, I am so enjoying the lovely weather to the fullest and I'll be unhappy to see it come to an end. But while we await this lovely weather to transform into another season, another plate of sauteed carrots please...

SAUTÉED CARROTS (7)I can tell you for sure that I only tried to experiment with the leftover carrots I had in my kitchen and they pretty turned out super delicious and yummilicious. This being the case, I just want to share the quickest but yet the best way of getting your carrots easily sauteed. While I enjoyed every bit of the moment I spent sauteing these carrots, I thought it would be better for everyone to enjoy the recipe as well.

These sauteed carrots cooked pretty fast and they turned out slightly crispy, light and flavorful. Sprinkled with some aromatic spices and herbs that filled the carrots with some sweet savory sensations, it can't get or taste any much better than this for a ONE-DAY-VEGETARIAN like me and even for YOU.


I highly recommend you give yourself some treats with these healthy fruity snacks. Apart from giving yourself some treats with carrots, it might also interest you to know that carrots, also known as Daucus carota; a sub specie of sativus is a root vegetable similar in appearance with the parsnip.

The carrot leaves are characteristically similar in appearance to parsley leaves both in colour and texture. In fact, a novice might even mistake the carrot leaf for a parsley leaf. Carrots are characteristically orange in colour but some species of carrots tend to be whitish, purplish or even yellowish in colour.


A more popular specie of carrots is the orange-coloured ones. One attractive feature I love about carrot is it's crispy texture especially when fresh. Carrots can be eaten fresh, steamed, toasted, fried, grilled, roasted, boiled or even cooked. Carrots can also be used for preparing assorted dishes such as salad and other cooked main meals.

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, carotene, lutein, dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin B-6, zeaxanthin, potassium and traces of other essential vitamins and nutrients. The colourful orange appearance of carrots is derived from it's constituents of large quantities of β-carotene and few quantities of γ & α-carotene.


These spicy sauteed carrots recipe is absolutely fantastic! It was easy, simple and only sauteed up 2 bowls of perfectly spiced carrots. If you've been searching for a tantalizing carrot recipe, then I think this is it.

To make this recipe a reality, just thickly cut up quite a few fresh carrots from the farmers market, peel and wash them properly then allow them to drain in a colander for just a few minutes.


Afterwards, spice up the carrots with the listed ingredients or preferably with your ingredients of choice, toss them up a little bit then pop them straight into a slightly heated cooking oil for a deep saute.

Once cooked to your satisfaction, scoop the carrots into a sieve to drain any excess oil before serving, garnished with any fresh vegetable or herbs of choice. 

It worked out brilliantly great for me and I have no doubt that it will do same for you. Because the carrots are characteristically colourful in nature, the paprika spices didn't turn them overly colourful, although they lend some hints of colour and aroma to the sauteed carrots that gives you some sweet sensations every few bites you take.


I hope you will gladly enjoy these special snacks and I urge you to give the recipe a try.

XOXO Blessing :-D


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