Summer is officially over! Soooo, a cold winter season is gradually drawing near just the way the year is fast coming to an end. While the weather is gradually becoming colder, I am equally re-adjusting my body system to the reality of the harsh season of the year. I love summer! Yes, I do and I always look forward to it. I always look forward to that pleasant sunny weather - a weather that befits my body so well. This is the time of the year that I look forward to doing several amazing things that the horrible cold weather wouldn’t have ordinarily allowed me to do. Summer is that time of the year when I usually lay my hands on assorted fruits, which gracefully beckon on me each time I visit the farmers' markets, grocery shops or local high street fruit shops. Don’t get me wrong - there are fruits during the cold seasons but they are not as fresh, colourful and enticing as they usually are during the sunny season. 
Just give me a sec, let me dry up my tears!
Well, while I try to readjust back to the reality, it is also thoughtful for me to enjoy as many fruits as I can in this winding-up moment. And here I have decided to pair a combination of some fresh fruits and convert them into a refreshing and nutritious juice. And that’s how this Carrots, Mangoes, Pineapple with Ginger Juice was borne. While I try to juice as many fruits as I could during the dry sunny summery season, I am beginning to consider bending the rule a little bit this time around. And this suggests that I will equally be juicing more often this forthcoming winter season regardless of the fruits that I’m able to lay my hands on.
I love a good refreshing homemade juice. Yes, I do! And notwithstanding what I am eating, I always find it a lot more satisfying to pair it up with a fruit juice. Fruit juice easily allows me to meet-up with my required 5-A-Day whenever I’m lazy to chew fruits. Fresh juice livens up and adds colour to my meal, hence it is one of my best companions whenever it is time to eat.

Watch this Video on How to Make the Carrots, Mangoes, Pineapple with Ginger Juice!!!

A couple of days ago, while I was scanning the farmer's market, some colourful carrots, mangoes and pineapples drew my attention. I decided to oblige to their request and packed as many fruits as I could. I love freshly-made juice and I can’t compromise for it. I love it especially when I make it myself as it gives me the opportunity to pair-up whatever fruits or veggies I love. So, pairing some carrots, mangoes, ginger and a pineapple turned out to be just amazing. Just about the right quantity of fruits, freshly juiced and packed with flavour from the ginger. But don’t forget that this comes at the expense of a powerful juicer.
This simple juice is pretty easy to put together and let me inform you that it is a perfect Winner! The juice is just ideal for anything - ideal for a main meal, ideal for side-dish or better still for gulping straight from the glass down your intestines via your oesophagus. The combination of all the fruits in this juice is just spot on. The sweetness from the mangoes, strong flavour from the ginger, sweet taste from the carrots, slight tart and sweetness from the pineapple yielded an amazing outcome. The various colours of the fruits all paired up to give the juice just right about the perfect enticing colourful appearance. Trust me when I say that I truly love this juice. The perfect drink to liven-up your day.
It might also interest you to know that a daily inclusion of carrot in your diet is essential for getting rid of free radicals from your body. Carrots make your skin glow and keep you looking ever-young. Moreover, a daily inclusion of pineapple in your diet is also essential for easy digestion and for preventing constipation. Mangoes and ginger are good for your bowels and help to maintain a healthy body. What more can I say than to emphasize that this juice juiced up super nice and fantastic. It exhibits such a refreshing characteristic that will trigger you to gulp it over and over and over again. It would be fantastic if you give this recipe a try and you will definitely be glad you did!


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