Looking for a refreshing homemade juice?
Well, if you are searching for a classic fresh juice that is packed with the right nutrients and flavour, then I have exactly what you need right here. This pineapple, watermelon and carrots juice is simply a WIN WIN! While I was pondering on how to tweak the fruits I have at hand to yield an amazing outcome, I knew that I wanted something simple, refreshing, tasty and yet nutritious. Outstanding enough for a side dish or dessert, but also a perfect glass of juice to compliment any main meal. This fresh fruit juice perfectly fits the bill for me and I have no doubts that it will do the same for you if you give it a go. Peeled pineapple and watermelon paired with some fresh carrots to yield an amazing fruit drink. Believe me when I say that this juice is sooo good. Honestly, it is super good.

Meanwhile, Watch this Short Clip on How to Make the Pineapple, Watermelon and Carrots Juice!!!


One of my favourite places to purchase my fruits is the farmers market because the fruits there are usually so fresh and cheap unlike what you get from the grocery shops. Yesterday, I purchased a couple of fruits at a very cheap price that the prices almost seem free to me. I love fruits so much that I often end up purchasing as many fruits as I could lay my hands on at any given time the opportunity calls. One thing I love about fruits is that there are quite a lot of things you can do with them - ranging from juicing, making fruit salads, making smoothies, eating them whole/fresh, roasting them or even cooking them depending on the recipe. But this time around, I have decided to be doing more of juicing and I must confess that I am loving this new adventure. Yes, I am loving and enjoying every bit of it. Pretty easy to fix and yet super tasty and refreshing. Personally, I believe that taking fruit juice especially in the morning remains a perfect way of kickstarting your day on a fantastic note!
As much as I love fruits/juicing, I do try to make a big batch of juice that will then relax in the fridge for easy access every now and then. Permit me to reiterate that I love fruit juice and there are diverse fruit juice recipe variations that one can easily play around with. I love the flexibility of juicing as one can easily throw whatever fruit you have into the juicer to get an amazing outcome.
This particular recipe for pineapple, watermelon and carrots is a wonderful option and you cannot afford to skip this one. I love the freshness and the colourful appearance of the juice. What more can I say than to emphasize that you should remember this particular fruit juice recipe when next you come across some fresh carrots, pineapples and watermelons. I bet you won't regret it!
This juice recipe is pretty easy and straightforward. Simply wash, peel and cut up the pineapple and watermelon, then just peel the carrots. Throw them into a juicing machine to get them all juiced up. Just as easy and simple as that. An easy recipe that is so pleasant to indulge in. Just go for it!


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