Sometimes all I need to cool off my body on a hot sunny day is a simple ice cream, lollipop or chilled drinks. But today has trapped me chilling off with some homemade watermelon lollipops.


Lollipops are pretty much easy to make as you can use any fruit or ingredient of choice to make a special creativity that perfectly suits your taste-buds and satisfaction. Making watermelon lollipops is very easy, satisfying and so refreshing for a re freshened YOU.

Scooping out the watermelon flesh from the rind/skin, blending it with a mixture of your desired ingredients, pouring it into the lollipop containers and then finally freezing them can't get any much better than that. It's pretty simple, refreshing and delightful.


Basically, all you mainly need to do for this watermelon lollipops recipe is to get for yourself a fresh watermelon from the supermarket or farmer's market. The rest of the task is just as good as done. Apart from de-seeding the watermelon flesh, there is  no other major task associated with getting your lollipops ready for your satisfaction. 

Ooopss, did I just read your mind? You might consider the time it will take the lollipops to freeze a lil' bit of time-consuming but honestly, that shouldn't bother you. The best remedy for this if you are so anxious of seeing your lollipops ready in a jiffy is to make the lollipops just round about the time you want to go out or when you want to retire to bed.

By adopting this method, you will realize that the lollipops would have been ready by the time you too are ready to do justice to em'. So no one will basically cheat each other. Just as convenient as that and it can't be any more convenient than that.


Since I think that popping these watermelon lollipops into the freezer when you are going to sleep or when you are about to go out is more convenient, then these lollipops were joyously enjoyed by Iyke and I the moment we were ready to do so.

So as we sipped through the melty, juicy lollipops, the addition of few drops of maple syrup rendered a really sharp fantastic taste which we both enjoyed. Try out this watermelon lollipops recipe and I bet you will enjoy it.



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