I was discussing with my better half a few weeks ago about making more homemade fruit juices henceforth and how much I enjoy doing it. Without hesitation, my bestie concurred with me that homemade juicing is a better way of checkmating the contents of whatever juice one is drinking. Besides, it is so much better and fantastically cheaper than buying them, and they are not difficult at all to make once you have a juicer. Most importantly, you can easily modify them to suit your needed specifications. I love fruits, but most time I find myself being lazy to chew them. And as such, I believe that juicing them is the right option for me to have them on hand for either breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or whatever.

Meanwhile, Watch this Short Clip on How to Make the Tangerines, Grapes and Pineapples Juice!!!

When a close family friend came visiting a few days, I decided to make her a batch so as to show her what homemade juice can be like. Interestingly, she enjoyed it so well and even promised to get herself a juicer asap. Although I told her that she can improvise for now until she gets a juicer. Now you might be pondering how possible this could be. Well, it might interest you to know that you can still juice from the comfort of your home without a juicing machine. Simply use a blender to blend the fruits properly then sieve out the juice with a fine mesh strainer. Just as easy as that! So don't be discouraged to make your own customized homemade juice simply because you don't have a juicing machine. Now that you know of an alternative, you know! But not just knowing, also act asap!
Recently, I have started drinking loads of freshly-made fruit juice virtually every day. Just so you know that I never get fed up of it. I can equally just sip on fruit juice throughout the day without getting bored. Fruit juices are amazing quick nutritious drinks you can drink as much as or as little as you want. I chose this tangerines, grapes and pineapples juice recipe simply because it is pretty simple and the outcome is so amazing, tasty and refreshing. Since I don't like complicating things, I decided to keep it pretty easy but yet classic.
The tangerines, grapes and pineapples all blended well to yield a fantastic juice that is perfect for whatever occasion you can think of. Here are other homemade fruit juices that might be of interest to you: pineapple, watermelon and carrots juice, carrots, mangoes, pineapple with ginger juice. Don't just sit on the fence! Just try and be creative! Who knows? You might even come up with numerous interesting options that befit your body.


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