Pineapple Cakes

Pineapple Cakes

Pineapple cake is a fascinating discovery and I can attest that whoever invented that pineapples could be topped up on cakes deserves a kudos. I like pineapples, and can eat one large pineapple all alone.
They are cheap, delicious healthy and nutritional. But, it can be quite challenging at the grocery shop or local market when faced with a mountain of pineapples at differing stages of ripeness; how soon will the green pineapples ripen, do I want to eat it now, tomorrow, or in fortnight?
What I do to solve this puzzle is to pick out quite a few number of pineapples at  varying ripeness so as to have a reasonable stock  for couple of days however, there are times when I miscalculate and get them ripe/unripe when I don't need them.
Pineapple cake is one of the most palatable pastry to bake. It's easy, appetising, delicious and healthy.  This pineapple cake just reminds me of days when I go out for breakfast at a coffee shop where they always have cakes, pastries or breads for breakfast which is easy to select and eat out. I decided to try this cake recipe because I don't want it overly too heavy nor too sweet.
Pineapple cakes are  so light, moist and soft with a spongy texture. The pineapples add their characteristic exquisite flavor and taste which was also augmented by the addition of carrots bits. The entire combination just worked out so perfectly.


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