Microwave Baked Eggs Recipe Video!!!

My dear, I'm always on the lookout for a quick, easy but yet nutritious meal that I can pick on especially on those busy mornings I head out helter skelter. Yep, something that requires a little time and attention from me especially when I have a couple of things to sort out before rushing out of the house in the morning. This microwave baked eggs dish perfectly fits the bill as I've found the microwaving technique quite time-saving.

I consider this technique of preparing an egg dish as my favourite since all I have to do is to simply mix-up the needed ingredients together in a bowl, pop them in the microwave and the microwave does the task for me. This is quite unlike the traditional style of standing up in the kitchen while waiting for the eggs to fry-up.
Although there are several options out to prepare an egg dish but I consider this style the easiest.
microwave baked eggs

These microwave baked eggs are a mixture of a couple of nutritious ingredients such as eggs, broccoli, pointed sweet pepper, cherry tomatoes----- Interestingly, these ingredients are essential for the healthy functioning of our bodies and are pretty easy to come-by. Besides, they are highly recommended for kick-starting the day.
Indeed, a wonderful main meal or a side-dish to pair up with either bread, custard or any other main meal of choice. This egg dish is not pepperish though because I didn't add any spicy pepper but you can always add pepper if you desire so.
Anyways, the pepper---less one was okay for me and I ain't complaining at all.
microwave baked eggs

I'm so happy with the finished product as it turned out a little bit crispy, soft though and sort of chewy as well. A perfect texture if you ask me! And I bet you'll never be disappointed if you give this recipe a shot.
Needless to say, I enjoyed this dish and I urge you to enjoy yours as well!


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