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These past few weeks have been so cold and the temperatures are falling drastically with cloudy skies. Nothing else comes to mind rather than only a selection of warm and spicy foods to complement the chilly weather. Among my long list of favourite foods for this nasty weather is couscous. 

Now you can understand why this easy couscous recipe is coming your way from me at this time of the year :D :D :D

Having mentioned the above, I won't deny the fact that I also enjoy couscous dishes any time of the year but preferably when the weather starts playing up so badly. Yes, I enjoy snuggling myself up in a blanket while feasting on a bowl of couscous watching the television. Delightful moments, I must confess!!!

easy couscous recipeTrust me, this easy couscous recipe perfectly fits the bill for this weather. Yep! Just tiny cream-coloured couscous in a spicy and colourful tomatoes---scotch-bonnet-pepper---pointed-sweet-pepper sauce, garnished with fresh dill.

Although this method may not be your usual way of preparing couscous dish, but I am of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in giving something new a try. There is always a first time for everything, so peradventure this is your first time of trying out this recipe, I bet you will never be disappointed.

couscousLet me just confide in you, but don't say that Blessing told you soooooo :D :D :D

My hubby is not a great fan of couscous, in fact, he never ate couscous the past couple of times we visited family and friends that prepared the dish. Knowing fully well how this particular couscous came out so delicious and tasty, I purposely packaged it for him to work.

Then guess what?

He wrote me to thank me specially for the food. He said thus "thank you so much for this meal, it so delicious". Honestly, I felt so happy to get such feedback from him and right then I knew that if he could enjoy the meal so well then you are definitely gonna enjoy it as well.

couscous couscousMy dear, I can tell you for sure that this is a special couscous recipe you shouldn't neglect. Even if couscous is not one of your favourite dishes in the world, try this particular recipe and you will turn into a BIG couscous fan overnight. It is delicious, easy to prepare, healthy and packed with nutritious ingredients. I can bet you on this that it is not a difficult meal to fix at all.

Once you sauté some onions, tomatoes, red pepper and sweet pepper then add the sweet pepper juice followed by your favourite spices. Cook until the couscous is tender but remember to use a low heat so the couscous won't get burnt so easily without getting properly done.

Also remember to use a turning stick to stir and disintegrate the couscous from each other so they don't clump up together. Serve plain as it is or finish it off with any green leaves or vegetables of choice.

easy couscous recipeWhichever form you choose to enjoy your couscous dish is fine and satisfying. Simply go for what suits you best. I've made varying versions of couscous in the past and I can tell you for sure that you can actually use any ingredient you have available.

I believe anything that works on fried rice, jollof rice or pasta can equally augur well in a couscous dish. 

Well, enough of my preaching! It is time for you to let your imagination work for you!!!

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