Mesfouf recipe is a Tunisian dish which is prepared with couscous, often served during special festivals or occasion however this special dish can also be eaten at any time of the year.
The actual recipe is prepared with butter and assorted nuts however the good news is that you can choose any of your favourite vegetables, nuts or ingredients for the preparation. For this recipe, I decided to prepare it with mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and sweet corns and I can bet you that the taste was absolutely fantastic!
I am always excited to post about my favourite vegetable; mushroom, and this  Mesfouf recipe happens to have created such platform for me to actually combine my delightful/appetising mushroom with couscous! I love the taste and I can assure you too will...
Mesfouf recipe is just the perfect dish for the festive season as well as the cold weather. It is very easy to prepare, super delicious and above all very healthy.
I encourage you to give it a try and you will ever love it. Hit your kitchen right away, follow the simple steps outlined below and prepare your own version of Mesfouf recipe.
1) Boil and fry the steak, then set aside.
Mesfouf Recipe.. (1)
Wash the couscous with boiling water before cooking with the required ingredients until done.
Mesfouf Recipe.. (2)
Stir fry the vegetables properly until slightly dry.
Mesfouf Recipe..
Then mix the vegetables with the already cooked couscous for a delightful and palatable Mesfouf dish. Then serve, garnished with your fried steak and parsley leaves or as desired.
Mesfouf Recipe.


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