Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous Recipe

Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous Recipe

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This morning, I searched the kitchen cupboard and realised that I still had a pack of Mediterranean couscous and everything else needed to prepare the dish for an amazing lunchtime. Choosing a special recipe sometimes can really throw me off my cooking schedule. I wanted to prepare for my family something very delicious, healthy and yet easy to prepare to meet up with the limited time schedule we have at the moment since we are going out on a visit to a friend's house that just put to bed a set of bouncing baby twins {both girls}.
Since I have a pack of Mediterranean couscous, chicken breasts, fresh tomatoes, sweet corns,  green peas, green beans and spices sitting around in my kitchen, I thought it a simple recipe to make up for a perfect lunch. And while there are lots of couscous recipes that call for lemon and cheese, I decided to make this dish even more easier with some sort of basic ingredients of course.
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This Mediterranean vegetable couscous recipe perfectly fits the scene; nothing so difficult, exactly a perfect dish you will definitely go for. All the ingredients come together in about a few minutes to form a palatable and delectable dish, honestly  the recipe couldn't be more easier than already detailed in this post. If you are searching for a recipe to quench your hunger but do not want to get into something too difficult and time consuming, then this recipe is for you!
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Believe me, this is one of my favourite, easy and healthy dishes. I normally pour boiling water into the couscous, sieve out the water and then cook until done; thinly chop all the vegetables and stir-fry them in a frying pan; the remaining part takes approximately 3 minutes to pull together. I normally boil the chicken breasts before frying them to go with the couscous, although they are super delicious when eaten alone.
couscousThis is one of my favourite Mediterranean dishes and I am usually not that picky with couscous as long as it is properly cooked. This dish came out exactly the way I want it; not only did it turn out a perfect pot of vegetables couscous, it also makes a perfect dish to eat at work during lunchtime. Give this recipe a try and you will definitely enjoy the dish.


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