Last night when I was thinking about what to prepare for dinner for a vegan friend of mine that came visiting, my mind went straight to vegetables. Okay! Vegetables yeah, but what do I pair up with these vegetables to make the dish more enjoyable. I quickly searched through my cupboards, freezer and I was glad when I pulled out a mini bag chickpeas. Chickpea dip with vegetable batons won't be a bad idea ~ "I said to myself"

Luckily, I've soaked these chickpeas overnight, cooked them already, and this made things a lot more easier for me. Since the chickpeas are ready for use, I realized that I had all the ingredients to fix a lively, yummy, healthy dinner for my vegan guest. I am of the school of thoughts that it is always wise to create room for uncertainties and in this case, I am happy that I have all the vital ingredients required to make my friend happy.


So I decided to just go for what I have and fix a quick dinner for my friend. The result {Chickpea Dip with Vegetable Batons) were just amazing because she enjoyed every bit of the meal. A quick, soft and tasty dip served with some variation of vegetable batons. For a flavour boost of the dip, I added a little bit of paprika, black peppercorn and salt. All the ingredients paired beautifully well to form a hearty, tasty, delicious and healthy meal.

Being that I was serving this dish to someone that has food intolerance to dairy, I never bothered to add any meat or meat products, which I think can add a boost to this dish. Even though I consider this meal as a side dish, yet my friend sees it as a complete meal. Well, individual differences I must say!

But on the other hand, it is an healthy meal because with the chickpeas protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, coupled with the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables, it definitely contains everything your body needs.


Honestly, while this chickpea dip with vegetable batons dish seems quite easy to fix, it did require a few tasks of cutting up the veggies into batons, steaming some of these veggies (carrots & courgette) and then using a food processor to pulse the chickpeas. But all these tasks were totally worth the effort ~ ~ ~ Yummy!

You get the creaminess from the chickpea dip and crunchiness from the vegetables ~ Just the thought of it makes me salivate. This dish has already gotten a thumbs up from me and no doubt you will appreciate it as well.


But let me point out that you need to plan ahead and soak the chickpeas overnight if you intend to make this dip. Moreover, once the chickpeas have been soaked overnight, you still need to cook them until tender before processing them with a food processor.

You can add as many spices and ingredients you feel comfortable to add. Just go ahead and experiment with what you have readily available ~ the ball is right in your court.

Go ahead and give this chickpea dip with vegetable batons recipe a try and you are definitely gonna enjoy it!


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