I have high regards for fruit and vegetables as a meal. For me, this surely is a complete meal especially the fact that it makes up for the WHO much-advocated 5-A-DAY.

It is a well-known fact that some people find it difficult spending time to eat assorted fruit and vegetables in a day, but right now they need not worry again. This is because this dessert is one of those exotic desserts that nourishes, refreshes and suites your body system like you’ve been born-a-new.

Interestingly, you only need very minimal active effort to get this dessert fixed! Super easy to make with easily available everyday ingredients.  The ingredients and flavour combination for this dessert is just super mind blowing and you can never go wrong with it.

Honestly, this seven-layer fruit & vegetables dip is a perfect combination made in heaven! Mmmmm .... Someone should just wake me up......

Eight-Layer Dip (3)

Yes Oooo, cos throwing 7 different ingredients on a piece of glass will definitely quench any cravings you've gat for the day.
The set-up includes plums, kiwi, sour cream, cream cheese and chive flavour crackers, tomatoes, carrots and chives... Wow, consuming all these items at same time is suitable enough to keep you bouncing for the rest of the day.

But if I may ask, can you really tell what is it about this combo of nutrients and flavours that captivates me?? Probably you can, but just a quick heads-up......I love the creamy, juicy and flavoursome mix oozing out from this dip and I bet you too can never go wrong with it.

Eight-Layer Dip (2)

If you are a first timer trying this refreshing combo, then I can place a bet that you will keep on booming in strong health, loads of energy and abundance of life! Oooo Yes! Buttttt, if you haven't really given this combo a try, what then are you still waiting for? You've definitely gat to give it a try asap and I have no doubts that you will be super happy that you did so. So you’ve gotta try this seven-layer fruit & vegetables dip! Case Closed.

Don't just get me wrong my dear, it will interest you to know that If you haven’t tried this seven-layer fruit & vegetables dip before, you are sure depriving yourself of the World Health Organisation's daily recommendation of 5-A-DAY.

Eight-Layer DipThe sweet juiciness from the fruit and vegetables, the added flavour from some scoops of cream coupled with the tempting finishing touch – Is just seriously heavenly.
I gladly hope you will find the time to give this recipe a try!


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