Sometimes, all I just want for lunch is a simple fried veggie. Frying veggies such as parsnip is pretty easy, tasty and super satisfying. Although I've been planning to share a post on parsnip chips for sometimes now, but all to avail. Either I ended up making no videos or  I failed to take some shots for some couple of times I've fried the chips.

Even though parsnip chip is one of the easiest dishes, I still can't tell why I'd always been so reluctant in posting the recipe. Funny enough, I nearly forgot this time around but thank goodness I resisted the temptation. Soooooooooo may I present this delectable parsnip chips with avocado and spinach dip to you.

Frankly speaking, this is that one dish that you wouldn't want to miss out once you've tasted it the first time. Parsnips are sweet when boiled or steamed but I can assure you that they even taste 100% sweeter when you convert them to chips. Parsnip chips have similar physical look and texture to potato chips but taste a lot better and sweeter.

Parsnip chips are the best alternative to potato chips if you want to avoid unnecessary carbs from building up in your body. Peradventure you are part of those weight loss fanatics that refrain from potato chips, then I'll recommend parsnip chips for you. I bet you'll dearly love this great alternative once you try it out and you won't even have the need to search for potato chips ever again. Interestingly, you can toss the parsnip chips with any spices of choice before frying them or after frying. Just implement whatever you do to your potato chips to the parsnip chips and you will even get a better outcome.

PARSNIP CHIPS WITH AVOCADO AND SPINACH DIPPairing the parsnip chips with avocado and spinach dip was so incredibly good and I couldn't have asked for a better dip for the chips. Besides, the avocado and spinach dip is equally pretty easy to prepare --- just add some slices of avocado, spinach and few drops of water in a food processor then process to your desired texture. You can also add your favourite spices before processing the dip but I preferred mine without.
But on a more serious note, this dish is so so so so good that you can't afford to miss it!

If you've never tried frying parsnips in the past, I highly recommend you give it a try asap. Interestingly, there is just minimal preparation work involved in the recipe! Nothing time-consuming, nothing stressful and nothing overly difficult.
Head straight to your closest grocery shop, grab some parsnips, peel them, wash them, slice them, add salt and toss them properly, give them a good fry in a hot oil, scoop them out from the oil once done into a kitchen towel then serve them with either an avocado dip or any dip of your choice.
A perfect and stunning combination to feast on by you and your loved ones!



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