I've always loved oranges and will always do!

So for me, the thought of including oranges in my diet has always been a part of me right from when I was a kid. I've always been delighted making my own orange drinks so I decided to share some few steps on the easiest way of making your own orange drink from the comfort zone of your home. Even in the absence of expensive juicing machines, you can still juice your natural fresh orange drink with ease.

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To make this natural orange fruit juice, I went out and bought some ripe oranges, squeezed them with a glass citrus juicer and then strained the drink with a mini strainer. Orange fruit is known for its high beneficial impact on human health as a result of its rich constituent of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C.

Before purchasing oranges, I usually be on the lookout for fully ripe ones because I don't like sour tasty ones at all. But funny enough, the physical appearance of oranges can be sometimes deceptive in letting us know the actual taste, but whatever.... we just have to carry out those physical checks for the best options we can obtain.

(a) Check out for ripe oranges.

(b) Ensure that the oranges are not too soft but firm.

(c) Check to see that the oranges are not rotten or spoilt.

(d) Check to see that there are no cuts or piercings on the oranges.

natural orange fruit juice
Orange (Citrus sinensis), is an edible citrus fruit that belongs to the family of Rutaceae. Oranges have juicy pulps, which can be eaten by either peeling off the skin (rind), cutting up the oranges and then separating the pulp from the skin. The fruit can also b eaten by blending the juicy pulp or by squeezing them for orange juice.

There are several varieties of oranges such as; satsumas, blood orange, clementines, navels, tangerines, cara caras and tangelos. Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Folate (B9), Thiamine (B1), Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Potassium, Vitamin E, Sodium, Water, Vitamin K and Zinc.

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It might interest you to know that Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, which is very vital for protecting our body systems against infections. Besides, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) helps our teeth gums to remain healthy as well as boost our immune system. It is noteworthy that the deprivation of vitamin C from our body can lead to scurvy, which is characterized by the rupturing of once healed wounds as well as swelling and bleeding of teeth gums. But thank goodness for the availability of citrus fruits such as oranges, which are an excellent source of vitamin C.

Besides, citrus juices such as that of an orange juice is an excellent source of flavonoids and hesperidin (antioxidant). Orange flowers, peels, leaves and drinks can  be used for manufacturing medicines due to their medicinal properties such as anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-asthmatic, cardioprotective and anti-cancer. However, the concern with oranges is that the citric acidic content is high. This makes the drink sort of acidic with a pH level of approximately 3.3 to 4.19 thus the need to take the drink in moderation. Freshly squeezed orange juice is an healthy option because it contains no artificial flavouring or  additives.

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Health Benefits of Orange Juice
Immune System
Oranges are packed with loads of amazing healing properties due to the presence of vital vitamins and minerals in them especially vitamin C. Moreover, Vitamin C and hesperidin are great antioxidants that are very beneficial in neutralizing and fighting free radicals that can cause potential damage to human's health. Vitamin C also stimulates the body's immune system as well as help to restore damaged cells in the body.

Cancer Prevention
Studies reveal that the the presence of limonene and antioxidants in orange fruit makes it capable of preventing cells mutation that leads to cancer. These antioxidants also stimulates apoptosis as well as reduces tumor growth.

Antibacterial Activity
Oranges are antibacterial in nature thus capable of alleviating skin diseases such as acne. Oranges also help to fight cold, cough, fever and respiratory disorders.

Hydrating Properties
Oranges contain high hydrating properties due to the increased quantity of water level in the fruit.

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Other Health Benefits of Oranges include;

Detoxifying Properties
Oranges are also an excellent source of vitamin A that helps to detoxify the body system from all impurities thus maintaining proper functioning of the kidneys. Besides, vitamin A helps to prevent macular degeneration thereby promoting good eyesight and vision.

Blood Circulation
The folate content of orange fruit such as vitamin B complex and vitamin B9 makes this fruit capable of promoting the growth of new cells as well as helps to prevent cell mutation. Folate also helps to stimulate blood flow as well as boosts the metabolism of the body systems.

Protection against Cardiovascular Diseases
Studies reveal that orange fruit helps to protect the body against cardiovascular diseases by reducing the homocysteine level due to the presence of flavonoids, vitamin C and carotenoids. 

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Conclusively, including orange fruit in our diets is a perfect and easiest way of staying healthy! So I hope that you will adopt the healthy habit of including freshly made orange juices in your diet as a brilliant way of staying healthy, refreshed and energized all day long :-D
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