Okra Soup || How To Cook Okra Soup Without Palm Oil

Okra Soup || How To Cook Okra Soup Without Palm Oil

Have you been told by your health practitioner or dietitian to cease eating food that contains oil? Are you on a health plan to cut down on the amount of oil in your food? Have you been desiring to eat an eyecatching but yet an oil-less okra soup that will continually wow your tastebud? Are you searching for a simplistic but yet an all-encompassing recipe for okra soup? If you've ticked all the boxes or some of the boxes, then relax and read along because you have just landed on the right page. Let me say this up front that this recipe is Blessing's Signature Okra Soup Recipe! Her unique recipe, which she is glad to share with you.

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I stumbled upon some fresh okra, long sweet red peppers and spinach last Friday when I visited the farmer’s market. When I saw these glorious veggies glaring at me whilst beckoning on me to pop them into my shopping cart, I knew outrightly that it is high time I made a unique okra soup for my lovely fans! Luckily, I have the rest of the vital ingredients required to make the soup a reality. Moreover, because I wanted to share a unique way of cooking okra soup without the regular red palm oil, I felt the burning urge to create the recipe without further ado.
So, here is my okra soup with a PhD and I'm sure you will find it delightful! The uniqueness of this gorgeous soup is rooted in the fact that the soup was cooked without any drop of oil in it. Yes, you heard me right! So if you are on a mission to go oilless or basically cut off oil in your intake, then this is a soup recipe for you. With this recipe, you do not require any palm oil to cook a delicious and captivating okra soup.

This okra soup is a beautifully rich, delicious and colourful soup, which doesn’t have any form of oil in it. It simply uses only the long sweet red peppers to add colour and radiance to it. The okra soup basically requires those ingredients one can easily afford. Interestingly, the soup contains some of my favourite cooking ingredients especially my special flavour booster (habanero pepper) and finishes off with some fresh spinach leaves. What’s not to enjoy about this soup?

The recipe is a pretty simple one and really didn’t take much of my time to come together. The only area I foresee that you might deem tedious is cutting/dicing/slicing the okra but I personally do not recognise that as a tedious task. Interestingly, you can get all the ingredients ready ahead of time - cook the meat, chop the onions, cut up all the okra, blend the sweet peppers, pulse the sweet peppers and habanero peppers, wash the dried stockfish and fish. Once all these tasks have been executed, your okra soup is just a few minutes away from ready! Putting all the ingredients together afterwards was pretty quick and the outcome was fantastically amazing!
If you want to replicate this heavenly deliciousness in your kitchen, just incorporate this recipe. Because I want everyone to share in this goodness, it will be awesome if you can share this post with your family and friends. Everyone deserves tasty and healthy food! Leave us a comment to share your thoughts about this unique recipe and do subscribe to our Youtube channel for more healthy recipes like this.


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