Roasted Turkey || How To Cook A Turkey For Thanksgiving

Roasted Turkey || How To Cook A Turkey For Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving day and it is a blessing to be alive today. Irrespective of where we reside, it is always important for you and I to be appreciative and thankful to God for His unending faithfulness. Certainly, there is no gainsaying that the year 2020 has been a rough year all over the world. Personally, I'm so thankful to be alive today and I am thankful that you are equally alive to witness today. Yes, I am thankful that you and I are privileged to witness this year's thanksgiving. Undoubtedly, you and I have a whole lot to be thankful for!
I love Thanksgiving! It is a precious moment of getting together with family and loved ones in a joyous atmosphere. The cooking,  getting together with family and friends, the Thanksgiving dinner meals, eating and chatting, and even watching movies together is an invaluable and lovable moment to cherish. What's not to love about thanksgiving? One thing I find fascinating about Thanksgiving is the mere fact that everyone gathers together on the same day on a yearly basis and fills themselves with turkey and all sorts of dishes. Although this year's gathering will be a bit different due to the Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions. The joyous and relaxing atmosphere of Thanksgiving makes me happy, but the fact that everyone's attention is heavily driven towards the food even makes me happier.

Watch this video recipe of Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey!


So, if you are excited as much as I am and you are planning on how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, don't worry because I've gat your back covered. Although this turkey recipe might appear a bit different from the one you are accustomed to,  it is definitely worth your while. If you are wondering how to cook a turkey, well, here is a classic Thanksgiving turkey recipe to try out. A perfectly cooked turkey rightly complements a thanksgiving dinner. There are tons of ways of cooking turkey ranging from roasting, broiling, baking, frying, boiling etc. This recipe calls for roasting, however, feel free to cook your turkey the way that suits you. In the end, the ultimate goal is to have a deliciously cooked turkey to celebrate with.
Roasting a turkey is not tedious yet the result is delicious and super satisfying. The key to a perfect flavourful and tasty turkey is using the right sets of ingredients. Although there are a couple of prep works involved in this turkey recipe, but these are nothing you cannot do. The prep works are not overly difficult or overly time-consuming. A couple of vegetables to slice up or cut up with some turkey prep works, and that's just about it. Washing and slitting through the bird, mixing the ingredients, injecting the turkey with the marinade, rubbing the marinade in and out of the turkey, covering the turkey with a foil and popping the turkey into an oven to cook are all the efforts geared towards having a wonderful Thanksgiving turkey. The best part for me actually is opening the oven door and pulling out the roasted turkey. It is an opportunity for me to first suck up tons of precious smells from a fantastically cooked turkey - it doesn't get any better than that.
The truth is that I wanted this recipe to be a bit different, hence I decided to go the turkey-slitting route instead of the stuffing or trussing route. Let me quickly point out that slitting the bird, no stuffing or trussing allows it to cook faster. Also, bear in mind that the turkey used for this recipe was pre-smoked, however, if you intend to use a raw turkey, here is a recipe you can try. Interestingly, this recipe is not a strict type, so if you are comfortable with stuffing or trussing your turkey, please go ahead and do so. Having in mind that the ultimate goal here is to serve the entire family and friends that have gathered for thanksgiving a perfectly cooked turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner. Personally, I love my choice of flavours and ingredients. They all paired up so well to yield a tasty turkey!
Finally, let me use this opportunity to wish you a happy Thanksgiving once more! I hope you have a nice one! While celebrating Thanksgiving, remember to stay safe! Have a nice one!!!


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