mango salad
This afternoon, I decided to fix-up a quickie recipe. Few friends visited me and I intend to stroll out with them this evening and not get fastened in the kitchen, hence I came up with a quick solution.  Assorted fruit salad..... combining two or more significant fruits together.
Being a chef does not mean that I have to do everything alone from the base....obviously I obtain help or in the absence of help, I do a quick fix-up
For individuals especially vegetarians wishing to fix-up this mouth-watering salad at home, just follow these few tips.
For some days now, I had my mangoes lying in my refrigerator. But then I'd been staring at each of them, brainstorming on which one  would be ideal to create an inspiring fruit salad.
The enthusiasm to prepare this beautiful salad finally shot and WAOOOHHH...... The long awaited moment to put up this fruity combination happened and I bet you that it is absolutely fantastic.
I brought out a cucumber from the fridge, washed and sliced it........

I thought of another fruit to give this salad a very colourful look, and then I thought of banana which I just grabbed from the table.

banana copy

But adding banana, did not really gave me that colourful look I want, so I thought of bell peppers which I took from the fridge and sliced at once.

bell pepper

At last, I succeeded in creating a beautiful fruit salad...... SO APPETISING!

Believe me, I am putting on a smiling gesture as I am writing this  piece, because I strongly believe that you can as well create your own beautiful fruit salad– hope you get this right?

Enjoy this colourful, tantalising, crunchy, and yummy salad!!!! Feel free to submit your recipe here.


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