Roasted Sweet Corn

Roasted Sweet Corn

sweet corn
The quickest bite of all time especially in summer is right here, right now.
Frankly speaking, there are times in my cooking schedules when my interest is only on very simple recipes that wouldn’t require a trip to my  local shop to buy my  cooking ingredients or standing for a long time in the kitchen all in the sake of cooking.
Pardon me for that statement but that does not exclude the fact that I enjoy cooking "wink' wink'' winks".
Well since I lack some of the ingredients needed to cook my dish, I decided to lazy around in the house and fix a quickie 'ROASTED SWEET CORN'.
So this recipe practically requires no ingredients, but the only major attention you need to pay is to keep a close watch on the sweetcorn so as to avoid burning because let me guess –> you might have some distractions, visitors  or other homeworks to attend to which could possibly cause  you to forget the corn in the oven.
This is just absolutely and perfectly easy. Remove the outer leaves of the sweet corn's cob but ensure to leave at least two leaves on the cob with the kernels slightly exposed...
THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO DO, as in seriously....... Then place the corns in a preheated oven or barbecue and roast until golden brown and done.
Roasted sweet corn is so ju--ii--cc-i-l-y Yummylicious. Try it yourself and you will never crack your brain on fixing a quickie...........


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