Ingredients                            Equipment

Honey                                      Oven

Oats                                          Baking pan

Vanilla                                     Measuring Mug

Do you enjoy having oats for breakfast? BECAUSE I LOVE OATS!

I decided to bake oats with honey and almonds... Don't get me wrong, but is just my creative way of introducing a unique recipe in the catering world. So is baked oats with honey & almonds good for me or is baked oats with honey & almonds good for you? Yes to both questions........


Exclusively to this 30 mins oat recipe, because I Cherish My Baking Very Easy & Fast. This sunday beauty is filled with both oat flakes, rolled oats, raisins, grated coconut, plain, flour, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, almonds + honey that stick in and glue the mixture together with a spoonful of vanilla flavour - Oh Yes I mixed all these ingredients together.

c a k e r y


The main task has been accomplished which is the measurement, addition and subtraction of the necessary ingredients to make sure I get the best outcome. Afterwards, I lubricate the pan so that the oats doesn't stick to the pan.


Then is time to proportionately pour the mixture into the pan..........



This is just one of those snacks, that gets my husband sneaking in and out of the kitchen just to steal a bite out of them while I am busy cracking my brain on how to reach out to the outer world. What he does is to have a bite in the kitchen, a bite in the living room and few more bites before leaving the house just to ensure that he is fully satisfied.

Well, I just pretend that I don't notice his larger portion intake just to simply play safe...

Okay, I am not complaining at all. And of course, if I had a segment of  things to do with taking care of my family, it is just ensuring that everyone is well fed and taken care of. Honestly, this I must confess is never an easy task, hate to say it, but this will ever be a lifetime task. I Enjoy this kind of task though..........

When I eat my baked oats, I want crunchy tops with a moist inner texture, not too soft and not too hard, and obviously golden brownish in appearance. And then I keep measuring, adding and removing the recipe ingredients until I am totally satisfied with the outcome.

Prepared with plain flour because honestly, using self-raising flour makes it too soft thereby losing it's crunchy nature.  I baked this oat for at least 30 minutes, the first 20 minutes was covered with foil and then an additional 10 minutes uncovered so as to get the centre of the bake properly done. If you bake for only 20 mins covered, the oats will turn out under-baked, losing the brownish appearance you so desire.

Honestly, I like it crunchily brownish with a vanilla topping which unfortunately I forgot to buy during my last shopping. But my happiness is that you my friends can try this combination and DO IT YOURSELF!

Enjoy my Humble Honey Baked Oats for a great sunday and cheers to us all baking this.

baked oats


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