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I love smoothies because they are just a quick on-the-go breakfast or dessert you can think of. Sometimes, I can choose several fruits and vegetables altogether to make a quickie smoothie while some other times, I can decide to go for a selection of only two or three fruits. Each of the different categories has different taste and flavour. Making a fruit smoothie is just the easiest recipe you can think of, because once you've popped in all the fruits and yogurt and any other ingredient of choice into the blender, the task is just as good as accomplished. The blender gets the remaining tasks executed for you. For this recipe, I choose the dates and vanilla cream and they are just a winner combination. Vanilla cream is always my favourite option but other flavours are still perfectly ok. Just go for your choice!

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Then for the fruits, you can choose whatever fruit you have on hand and each of them add different and special taste to the smoothie but whichever one is just brilliant. Taking the vanilla date smoothie is another great way of getting vitamin B6, magnesium and iron. 

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This vanilla date smoothie is just a super winner shake for me and I bet you can never go wrong with it.
This Vanilla Date Smoothie is an excellent source of fiber because date is packed with dietary fiber that is good for the digestive system.

Pairing the dates with the vanilla cream is just an awesome combination that is ever ready to quench your sweet cravings.
This shake couldn’t have tasted any less sweetened because it is flavoursome and full of sweetness as it’s made of the most sweetened and delicious blend of dates and vanilla cream! Date fruit has a distinctive intensity but the vanilla cream added more smoothness to the smoothie. Just give it a try and I bet you will love it.

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