I can hardly count the number of times anyone will enter my kitchen without spotting some bananas :D You are definitely always going to find some bananas lying around my kitchen except in very rare occasions. Apparently, my undying love for banana could be attributed to the fact that banana is among the most popular world healthiest fruits being packed with loads of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, biotin, dietary fiber, manganese, copper, vitamin B12 and antioxidants; all important vitamins and minerals that are quite beneficial to our health.

I love smoothies especially the homemade ones, because I can easily control the ingredients I throw into them especially the sugars.  It's all because I am cutting down on my sugary intake.... just being health-conscious! Besides, I love to sweeten my smoothie with either honey or maple syrup if the occasion calls for such but I can tell you for sure that I rarely add sweeteners into my smoothies. I rather prefer them remaining in their natural state so that I can obtain all the nutrients my body system so demands.

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What better---best ways of safely gaining nutrients and vitamins than through some fresh fruit and vegetables? Personally, I don't think there are any at all, which is actually why I try as much as possible to stick to the much advocated World Health Organisation's 5-A-DAY program. In a nutshell, I try as much as possible to eat at least few portions of fruit and vegetables everyday in order to retain a healthier me.

I admit that I love fruit and vegetables, which are the motivating factors why I sometimes transform my fruit and veggies into smoothies at least for a change. Sometimes, it can be a bit boring munching fruits but then converting them into some quick smoothies is actually brilliant; easy to swallow down through the oesophagus and obviously aids in easy digestion of food. Above all, I think they are absolutely healthy! This banana smoothie is pretty much easy to make but yet super delicious, flavourful and tempting to drink.

Although there are about a gazillion banana smoothie recipes out there, but I can assure you that this particular recipe is just spot on. No doubt that you are already aware that bananas are among the most popular fruits in the world but it might interest you to also know that bananas are very fundamental for our health. This banana smoothie is just amazingly creamy, flavourful and gorgeous. Depending on how ripe your bananas are, you might want to consider adding extra drops of honey or sweetener to compliment your smoothies with... So just experiment with what you prefer, taste-test the smoothie and come up with what suits you based on your tastebuds.

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This banana smoothie recipe is a no brainer because all you need to do is just pop in those bananas in a blender, pour some amount of fresh or evaporated milk into the bananas and then blend the combination all up until smooth and creamy; all ready to calm down the nerves after a hard day job or rather to kick-start the day for an energy-filled day.

Interestingly, bananas are very vital to our health because several researchers have revealed that they are capable of reducing the risk of kidney cancer as well as vital for preventing high blood pressure. Bananas are categorised as natural antacids because they help to calm the intestines and at the same time supporting the growth of helpful intestinal bacteria that aids easy digestion of food.

Bananas are beneficial for maintaining smooth and glowing skin just as you would gain from consuming milk. Besides, milk is an important part of our everyday diet that helps in preventing certain chronic ailments. Consuming milk also helps to boost stronger immune system for the healthy functioning of every part of the human body systems.

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So I can assure you that this banana smoothie might just be the perfect smoothie you've been searching for. Banana smoothie helps to boost our energy, vitality and physical strength due to the presence of fruit sugars in the bananas. 

Above all, one of the easiest ways of having fresh fruit for breakfast is in a quick smoothie. All you need is a variety of fruit and vegetables then you are good to go. Mixed with the sweetness of the ripe bananas and some fresh milk, this banana smoothie is definitely a winning combination, which I believe anyone who tastes it would definitely love it.

Banana smoothies are just amazing and definitely so good for you. Just give it a try and I bet you won't regret it. Please do share your opinion in the comment box as your valuable comments are very important to us all.

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