Watch this video recipe of the banana, mango & mandarines smoothie!


A few days ago, I picked up a couple of fruits at the grocery store and decided to make this smoothie. One of my favourite ways of having fresh fruits for breakfast is in smoothies. You probably may or may not have observed my inclination to smoothies. I love fruits, any kind will do, as long as it is ripe and tasty, I am satisfied. Usually fruit-based, nutrient-packed, refreshing and above all, on the healthier side. So, here is another winner! This banana, mango & mandarines smoothie is slightly sweet, just enough for me (which I love). All it takes to whip up this smoothie is a couple of different types of fruits, orange juice, caramel flavour and dates. It is super easy, nutritious and absolutely refreshing. The dates add a lovely natural sweetness to the smoothie without overwhelming its taste! Whoops!!
I try to curtail the sugar in whatever I eat the vast majority of the time because there is a common belief that the more sugar you consume, the higher chances of you craving for more. What is your take on this? I prefer natural sweetness, which is why I usually stick to fruits. But once in a while, I would go for something that makes my mouth super excited for the day. I am a lover of any type of smoothies, and this banana, mango & mandarines smoothie recipe is simply amazing. The recipe is pretty easy and refreshing, and it is now at the top of my list of favourite smoothies. Whenever I'm having a smoothie for breakfast, I always feel like I'm eating dessert, whatever, it doesn't matter!
Honestly, I'm so impressed with the outcome of this recipe especially the colourful appearance. The taste is also 10/10, so a WIN-WIN for me. The tanginess of the lemon fruit mixed with the sweetness of the mandarines, mango, banana, orange juice and dates is a wonderful combo, and the colour is so beautiful too! There are times when a recipe comes across that you strongly believe that you will make over and over again. This particular one is one of such recipes. I have no doubts about this because it is just too good to ignore. In fact, I'd already made it a couple of times, and I'm still ever willing to whip it up together again soonish! I highly recommend you try it out, trust me, you won't regret it. Yes, I'm not kidding you. Like I said earlier, this is a very simple smoothie recipe. There isn't any need for some sort of fancy kitchen tools or special ingredients. Just your blender will serve. Although I used the Vitamix blender to whip up this smoothie, but you can right about use whichever blender you have on hand, it doesn't matter.


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