Watch this video recipe of pink pitaya powder, pear, apple & mandarines smoothie!


I'm a huge smoothie fan as you could probably tell if you've taken your time to peruse around my blog. It’s been a couple of weeks since I started making loads of fruit smoothies. Right now, I can't say when I will grow tired of this. I am loving every bit of my smoothie-making journey. I am so glued to the fact that my body is gaining all the required nutrients available as a result of including the highly recommended 5-A-Day in my diet. Who doesn't desire a healthy body? Tell me, who doesn't? Well, I haven't come across anyone that doesn't want to live healthily and I am yet to come across such a person. Life is so precious and we must treat our bodies in a precious manner!
Although I want to make it a routine to make fresh smoothies on a daily basis but it doesn’t always happen. But then, I want to make it a habit of having smoothies on a daily basis, no matter how small. So the technique I've embraced to make this quest a reality is to make my smoothies in a little bit large quantity and then put them in the fridge to last me for 2 to 3 days max. Because I like my smoothies fresh, I avoid allowing them stay so long in the fridge hence the reason I indicated 3 days max. However, the moment I speculate that I cannot finish them within the anticipated deadline, I simply just throw them into the freezer with the hope of re-visiting them in the future when I want to. Makes life so easy, isn't it?
One of my resolutions for this year is to make several smoothies. Yes, I was determined to make it happen and it's been so far so good. And interestingly, I've made a lot now! This pink pitaya powder, pear, apple & mandarines smoothie is one of them. Making this smoothie was a no-brainer for me because both the fruits and the rest of the add-ins combined pretty well to yield another amazing dessert for me. I added the pink pitaya powder in this smoothie which I think was a beautiful touch, but you can definitely make this without it. The touch of flavour and the sweetness therein is simply amazing and I can't fault the recipe choice at all.
I used the Vitamix blender to make the smoothie and it came together so easily and very quickly. However, you can make yours with whatever blender you have. But if you are not using a high-speed blender, you probably might have to let the smoothie blend for a longer time so that all the fruit pulps will get to break down properly into finer particles. This pink pitaya powder, pear, apple & mandarines smoothie can serve as a quick breakfast or a side dessert for your main meal. Lunchtime or dinner time with a fruit dessert is always one of my favorite combinations. And this refreshing smoothie perfectly fits the bill for me. If you are a smoothie lover just like me, I highly recommend this smoothie recipe for you, so go ahead and give the recipe a shot. Even if you are not a smoothie lover, I am pretty confident that you will equally fall in love with smoothies once you give this recipe a try. All in all, I encourage you to eat your 5-A-Day and eat healthily!


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