Watch this video recipe of the banana, apple & mandarine smoothie!


I doubt if I really know anyone who dislikes a nutritious glass of fruit smoothie. There are no doubts that a lot of such people exist out there, but I am yet to meet one. For the rest of us who enjoy smoothies as much as I do, cheers to this lovely winning banana, apple & mandarine smoothie recipe. I love pretty much all smoothies, so each time I think of having a smoothie for breakfast, I always know that it is going to be an amazing day. While I was thinking about this the previous day, my eyes captured these beautiful ripe fruits (apple, banana, mandarines) lying in the fridge. Apple, banana, mandarines smoothie anybody? Yes, bring it on! So I carefully peeled, washed and thickly cut up the fruits. Throwing all the fruits and the rest of the ingredients into the blender finished off the entire process perfectly well.
This is the classic dessert your body needs for a healthier you. Full of great fruity flavour, slightly sweetened with just a few pitted dates just to keep it super tasty, with a tablespoon of vanilla flavour to maintain that lovely flavour. You really can't go wrong with this recipe and I highly recommend you give it a try soonish! It is great as a quick breakfast, or really as a nutritious dessert. The combination of fruits and add-ins for this recipe all came together quite easily, and it was fun to watch them blend up together into a colourful smoothie. Making the smoothie turned out to be so much fun and actually not a tedious work. Preparing the fruits wasn't time demanding at all and they came together quickly within just a few minutes. While I've been making more smoothies recently, I doubt if I will grow tired of including them in my diets.
This smoothie is healthy, hearty, full of nutritious fruits and naturally sweetened with dates. It is also pretty easy to adjust to your personal preferences. The smoothie is a perfect solution to quench your carb cravings as you tend to get all the sweetness and health benefits of fruits with the convenience of a sizable breakfast. I enjoy it when I plan on making something, which I know will turn out well, but then when I finally end up making it, it amazingly stands out super super well. The smoothie looks so yummy and it tastes so yummy too! It couldn't have gotten any much better than it was. Sipping this lovely combination of fruits made me feel like I was in a paradise. This is a dessert that I cannot forget to try again and again and agaiinnnnnnnnnnn.


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