Watch the video recipe of Instant pot brown rice pasta!


Brown rice pasta -- thin sheets of whole-grain pasta made with brown rice. This special pasta is gluten-free, wheat-free and cholesterol-free. This instant pot brown rice pasta dish encapsulates a lovely collection of nutritious and colourful vegetables (sweet corn, green peas, sweet and chilli peppers), perfumed by a mixture of aromatic spices --- so, what is it not to love about this meal?
I have made tons of pasta dishes before now, but this is the first time I'm using an instant pot for it. I felt the need to try cooking it in an instant pot to see what the outcome will be like. Brown rice kinds of pasta are great and this dish is a complete meal all in one pot. And you can actually add some twists to whatever add-ins you want. I really enjoyed the sweet corn and green peas in this meal. The entire ingredients were an amazing combination. This is a perfect lunch to make for yourself and your family. Healthy and delicious! Besides, your sense of creativity can go wild in this dish. You are free to add extra vegetables, herbs, any other spices of choice, meat, fish, whatever you like. In the end, I doubt if you will be disappointed at the outcome. Yesss, this is a recipe that you can easily adjust to your preference.
Cheese is also important in this recipe as well but it is not a prerequisite. I used the cheddar cheese, which was great and it added some creamy tang on top of the pasta dish. I did not have some fresh basils or cilantro to add on top for some freshness, but I’m sure they would be awesome companions as well. You are not obliged to strictly follow a recipe exactly like this. Yes, it's pretty easy to pair things up based on your choice and what you have on hand in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Feel free to wow your imagination. Use your favourite meat, seafood, herbs, spices and any type of pasta. Note that the 20 minutes indicated in this recipe includes both the time it took to saute the sauce and the instant pot quick release time. The actual time to cook the brown rice pasta is 3 minutes.


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