Personally, the preparation of vegetable soups usually heralds the onset of the consumption of highly nutritious meal that is highly essential for the healthy functioning of the body. I love vegetables and they are usually my best accompaniments in any meal. I hardly cook without adding vegetables, no matter how little. Even in situations where I don't include the vegetables in the food itself, I usually set aside at least a minimal portion of fresh vegetables as a side dish. Believe me, you can never go wrong on this, once you make it a routine.
The truth still remains that I cannot overemphasize on the benefits of veggie-consumption. Vegetables are highly nutritious and packed with the necessary ingredients required by our bodies. Therefore, each time I find an opportunity to purchase a couple of vegetables, I usually convert them into a pot of palatable soup. This speaks volume why this vegetable soup (efo riro) recipe is coming your way at this time of the season. Many people have different styles and recipes for this particular soup but I always like to keep my recipe pretty simple and easy to be adopted by anyone. Once you have all the necessary ingredients, then you are rest assured that this delicious vegetable soup will be ready in just a jiffy.

Meanwhile, here is a quick video on how to prepare this yummy vegetable soup!!!

I can never grow tired of this yummy soup. If you haven't had a feel of this soup, I am hopeful that this post will be an excellent motivator for you. I assure you that a combination of the three vegetables used for this soup will render a lot of excitement and refreshment to you. Pairing all the ingredients was an awesome way of adding some depth and flavour that the soup calls for. Yes, the ingredients paired pretty well to yield an amazing outcome. And that's pretty much about it.
Follow the recipe detailed below, serve the soup with either poundo, pounded yam, fufu, eba, semolina etc and lunch/dinner is served.


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