Have you ever heard of irvingia gabonensis?
Are you aware of the uses of this plant?
Did you know that the irvingia gabonensis seeds can be used for culinary purposes?
Peradventure you are still pondering on what irvingia gabonensis is all about, it might interest you to know that irvingia gabonensis is a species of African trees, which is also known as wild mango, dika, bush mango, ogbono or African mango.
Well, just so you know that irvingia gabonensis fruit is edible and that the seeds can be used for preparing delicious soups. The seeds can be used for preparing irvingia gabonensis seed soup or the seeds can also be paired with okra to yield a palatable soup.

Here is a short video on how to cook this soup!!!

If you haven't eaten the Irvingia gabonensis seeds with okra soup before, then you are missing out because this is one soup you can never get bored of eating.
Regardless of what irvingia gabonensis is, the soup recipe is pretty simple and quite fulfilling. The irvingia gabonensis (ogbono seeds) always cook well with assorted meat, stockfish, mushrooms (optional), onions, red palmoil, salt, stock cubes, pepper, and local spices to yield a delicious pot of soup. The recipe doen't get much easier than the way it has been shown in this post. Finish off the soup with some fresh okro and vegetables (e.g spinach, fluted pumpkin leaves etc) and you have a warm/hearty soup for yourself and your family. A thick wrap of swallow (fufu, eba, pounded yam etc) by the side of the soup is required to finish off this delicious soup.
Give the recipe a try and you will be glad you did!!!


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