I am a big time ora soup lover. Yes, I love ora soup so dearly that I am ready to consume it at any time of the day. I cook ora soup every couple of weeks/months depending on the season of the year because the ora leaf is seasonal. As a result, there are a couple of weeks or even months that go by without my delicious ora soup.

The most striking feature about this soup is that it is pretty simple to cook and the recipe does not necessarily have to be intimidating. Peradventure this is the first time you are cooking this soup, I suggest you obtain all the required ingredients so that your soup can be super rich
. Most importantly, do not compromise on the local spice (ogiri ugba or ogili igbo) as this local spice is the secret to a fulfilling ora soup.

Meanwhile, here is a short video on how to cook the oha soup!!!

You definitely do not want to be disappointed with the taste and aroma oozing out from your pot of ora soup. Compliment the taste with some decent stock cubes, which I believe are usually available in the grocery stores. Check the labels to ensure that the stock cubes contain some decent ingredients.

Other than the local spice and stock cubes to boost the aroma/taste, you definitely need other ingredients such as ora leaves, meat, stockfish, red palm oil, scotch bonnet pepper, cocoyam paste (thickener) and salt to taste. The ora soup is best served with any "swallow" of choice such as pounded yam, poundo, eba or fufu. So go for whatever "swallow" that suits your tastebud perfectly well.

To prepare the ora soup, you start by washing, spicing and cooking both the meat (assorted meat) and stockfish together. Once they are tender, you can then add the red palm oil, blended red pepper, stock cubes, ogiri ugba (local spice), salt and cocoyam paste (formed by stirring cocoyam powder with hot water to form a thick paste). Once you have thrown these bunch of ingredients in the pot, then stir and cook to thicken. Once the broth is thickened, then it is time to add the ora leaves. Once the ora leaves are right inside the pot, stir properly and allow to simmer for few minutes. But, please remember not to overcook the ora leaves.

It is optional to also add some cuts of uziza leaves although I didn't use them this time around. But if you have the uziza leaves handy, endeavour to use them and you will be amazed at the flavourful boost the leaves will add to the soup.

If you are searching for a yummy and hearty soup to satisfy your tastebud, then give this recipe a shot. A thick mould of warm swallow such as pounded yam, eba or fufu to pair up with the soup is the only extra addition you need to complete this palatable meal.


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