Here's a Quick Video on how to Roast Whole Salmon!!!

I enjoy roasting my seafood and meat!

In fact, it really makes them shed off excess liquid, unwanted oil and fat thereby enhancing their tastes.

I was at the fish market a couple of days ago where I got some really sumptuous fishes. I love fishes especially salmon, so for the salmon fish I bought, well ~ I felt roasting it whole will be a good option for the day!

Since I want the fish to remain whole while it roasts, then there is no stress of cutting it into smaller pieces ... at least one task is already solved. For this whole roasted salmon, all you need is a whole salmon fish and some combination of few marinades, spices and ingredients then you are pretty good to go.

My favourite ingredients for salmon are onions, spicy sauce, mixed spices, pepper and knorr cube. But you can use whatever ingredients you have or you want. Blend those ingredients together and you have a thick sauce to rub all over the salmon.

Then allow the salmon to marinate for at least 30 minutes before popping it into a pre-heated oven for a really good roast. 

whole roasted salmon

For this salmon, I used the Nando's chicken marinade and Yoshida's Marinade sauce that I normally use on chicken. Interestingly, they complemented the salmon fish quite well. Who says because these marinades and sauces have chicken signatures on them, then they can't be used on seafood or any other type of meat. Honestly, they made the salmon taste delectable and yummilicious. But feel free to use whatever marinade you have at hand.

No qualms!

While the salmon was roasting in the oven, I was busy watching it intermittently through the oven glass door as it roasts gracefully.

whole roasted salmon

But after 15 minutes of roasting, I had to turn over the other side of the fish just to ensure that the fish cooks properly. At the end of the roasting affair,  the salmon came out quite well, smelling so flavourful and tempting to taste. I can assure you that I will definitely be roasting my salmon again because the taste is just unbeatable.

So I urge you to go get yourself a salmon and the necessary ingredients then give this recipe a try. No doubt you will enjoy every bit of the salmon. It will indeed be a special treat for you and your loved ones.

One Love Blessing



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