Yesterday, I looked in my freezer and realized that I still have some frozen cut salmon remaining from the ones I bought the last time I visited the fishmongers. Salmon is an healthy fish packed with niacin, vitamin D, phosphorus, protein, vitamin B6, selenium and vitamin B12.
Choosing a new recipe can sometimes really throw off your cooking plans and I had wanted prepare an easy and quick fish soup for lunch and was lucky that the salmon fish was there to remedy my intention. Since I have quite a few ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, pepper, herbs and spices lying around in my kitchen, I thought a simple salmon pepper soup would be ideal.
Although there are millions of salmon recipes out there, I decided against all odds to prepare something unusual from the normal grilled salmon recipe, baked salmon, poached salmon recipe, steamed salmon recipes; hence I prepared my own special salmon pepper soup.... Exactly the way I want it and just spot on for me.
This salmon pepper soup salvages the situation for me perfectly and made a perfect lunch for me as well. Nothing tedious, nothing time-consuming, exactly what I wanted. The pepper soup got ready within 20 minutes, I don't think it really could have been more easier than this. If you are searching for a salmon recipe to satisfy your taste bud but do not have so much time to engage into preparing something complicated or time-consuming, then this salmon pepper soup recipe is just a perfect option for you.
Steamed Salmon With fresh tomatoes-_Fotor
I suppose your local fish market or fish mongers would definitely have some lovely collections of fresh or frozen whole salmon. Get for yourself some of them and you can even buy more than one; cut them into pieces and store in the freezer for convenience anytime you want to use them for a quick meal. This is what I usually do and I have no doubts that this method will also be convenient for you as well but it is still up to you to do whatever you deem best for yourself.
The salmon flavor usually depends on the mix of herbs, spices and ingredients added during preparations and this usually varies depending on what ingredients you have at hand to use. Enjoy this delicious salmon dish brought to you by globalfoodbook. Don't forget to give yourself a special salmon treat!


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