tilapia_fish_pepper_soupTilapia,  popularly known as freshwater fish that lives mainly in lakes, streams, rivers and ponds is also characterised by a very low level of mercury, low level of calories, less saturated fat, less sodium, and above all, rich source of protein. Tilapia fish is also a rich source of potassium, phosphorus, selenium, niacin and vitamin B12. I have always been a big fan of fish..... Honestly, I can eat fish for a full year long without getting bored! {LOL} Yes,,, you can bet me on this.....
Since I am already on the fish wagon, I thought it right to include this special tilapia fish pepper soup in my today's lunch menu. Obviously, there isn't any doubt with this tilapia fish soup delicacy because it did came out pretty yummy, palatable and super enticing. Above all, the aroma oozing out from the dish was just spot on.....
tilapia_fish_pepper_soup(1)A nerve-calming dish for a busy afternoon which can also be served any time of the day though. Since some packs of frozen tilapia fish from fish market just recently found it's way straight to my kitchen, preparing a delicious tilapia fish pepper soup was just the perfect way to ease-off stress on a busy afternoon... The aroma oozing out from all the spices added into the soup as well as the lingering smell was just spot on and absolutely the perfect way I can envisage of enjoying the dish wholeheartedly.
The recipe is absolutely a straightforward one and tweaking it with the right amount of ingredients and local spices such as uziza, utazi, uda seed, chilli pepper and black peppercorn is just the icing on the cake. Believe you me, the amount of spices in this soup was just perfect, not too domineering, but absolutely flawless.
If you admire a lot more zesty and hotty fish pepper soup, then feel free to add more spices and chilli pepper than I have recommended in the recipe shown below. Whichever way you prefer it, I have no doubt that the pepper soup will come out right on point! I am of the opinion that this tilapia fish pepper soup can be a good substitute to meat pepper soup for a delicious side dish.


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