The last couple of days, the urge to eat pepper soup keeps coming back even after eating my main meals. Apparently, the lingering cold season and the global situation of social distancing and home-isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemonium were the main contributors. But not to mention but the least that fish pepper soup is generally a special dish I’m always drawn to. Yes, I thought it right to prepare this tilapia fish and dried stockfish pepper soup last Tuesday, and I'm glad I did. Although I had to go outside of my comfort zone into the freezing cold to purchase the fish, yet I am happy I did.

Watch this Video on How to Cook the Tilapia Fish Pepper Soup!!!

This is such an easy-to-make soup as you can confirm from the video recipe, yet the outcome is fantastically amazing. This is such type of soup that will keep your mouth salivating and your tastebud so lively. Well, thank goodness to the addition of hot pepper and mixed spices. But as the name suggests, the soup is ideally supposed to be peppery and hot - A perfect soup for the cold weather and such that is capable of chasing away any virus, bacteria from your body system --- {wink, wink, winks}. The soup is pretty flavoured, has a beautiful touch of colour, has the right combination of ingredients and tastes so comforting. The dried stockfish boosted the taste of the soup, while the dried scent leaves rendered the soup so so aromatic and flavourful.
Meanwhile, the long sweet pepper shone through the soup to give a good touch of captivating colour. Just so you know that the mixed spices are quite important in this pepper soup recipe as it is what makes the soup what it is. Even if you don't have the already-made spices, you can buy the ingredients (ehu seeds, uziza seeds, uda seeds, aridan etc) individually, ground them up and store them up for future use. This makes the spices handy for you whenever you want to cook the pepper soup. Interestingly, the ingredients for the spices are long-lasting and can stay for years without getting spoilt. All the ingredients used for this recipe were absolutely the right options for that appetizing fish pepper soup. All-in-all, a pretty simple recipe that yielded such a fantastic befitting soup - You can't go wrong on this!


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