For lunch last Wednesday, I went high with jollof rice and fried fish. I published a quick video of the recipe below but this post has detailed the instructions on the ingredients, quantities and the method of preparation. The basis of this recipe is similar to the one here on basmati jollof rice recipe. However, this one requires lesser ingredients and reduced cooking time. One thing I love about the jollof rice recipe is that it is pretty flexible! Once you have the core ingredients - tomatoes, rice, oil, salt then you can tweak it with whatever ingredients, spices, flavours you have at hand.

Short Video on Jollof Rice and Fried Fish Recipe!!!

The fish also is quite easy to put together - once you've boiled it with the right tone of ingredients, then they are up for either deep frying or shallow frying. Sometimes I fry my fishes straight up without first boiling or steaming them. I only boil them whenever I know I'm gonna use the broth for preparing another dish especially rice. Well, this jollof rice and fried fish came together very well. So, this is one meal you can bank on anytime any day.


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