Watch this short video on how to deep-fry beef!


Most main meals always call for fried meat. While I was preparing my sumptuous jollof rice sometimes ago, this fried beef recipe called my name out and pleaded with me to make it. Chunks of beef cooked with long sweet pepper juice, onions and a few other ingredients, finished off with deep frying. These fried beef meat chunks are truly the perfect side-dish to accompany any main meal while satisfying your tastebud and cravings as well. Cooking the meats with the sweet pepper juice is the uniqueness of this recipe. I'm sure you haven't tried this method before (lol). Well, that's your favourite girl sharing a unique but yet fantastic way of cooking your meats in a colourful way. So if you are yet to try this recipe, don't hesitate. Hit down the closest grocery and meat shop nearby, grab the ingredients and zoom off to your kitchen, and you will prepare for yourself something warm and delicious.
These fried beef meats were not just delicious, but the recipe is pretty simple. There weren't so many ingredients, and they all fried up well in one deep frying pan. The beauty of this recipe is that you can fry up a large quantity of the meat, store them up in the freezer and reheat when the need calls. Yes, the fried meat can relax in the freezer for months or fridge for a couple of days, so you can prepare them up well in advance if needed. Simply yummy!


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