Delicious, tasty, flavourful and nutritious, a perfect combination when it comes to an everyday lunch or even dinner. This beef stir fry encompasses all these great qualities of a perfect meal. Besides, the recipe only requires fantastic ingredients that are capable of placing any meal to the highest pedestal one can ever imagine.

Coupled with a little bit of preparatory work and quite a few minutes on heat and you have a really flavourful and tasty beef stir fry that can perfectly pair with either rice, pasta or noodles.

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For this recipe, the beef stir fry was paired with cooked white rice and I can assure you that they paired perfectly well to form a satisfying meal that I think anyone would definitely enjoy anytime. Although I didn't share the cooked rice recipe in this post, but you can check out the recipe here.

beef stir fry

I am not sure about you, but I can vouch for myself that I sometimes long for a warm, hearty, tasty and fulfilling meal that cooks pretty quick, packed with flavour and yet makes use of most of the ingredients I have readily available in my kitchen.

Since I have all the essential ingredients needed for this recipe on hand, I immediately reckoned that I just want to give this recipe a shot. Definitely a great dish that is worth hanging on to for as long as you can envisage.

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I usually marinate my meat before cooking, frying or even grilling as this helps to make the meat quite flavourful as well as prevents the meat from drying out.

For this recipe, I made the marinade by combining rice vinegar, honey, salt, grated ginger, honey, onions, spring onions, fresh pepper, black peppercorn, cumin, garlic and soy sauce, which I used all over the beef. It really made the beef taste delicious and tasty but you are free to do whatever you want, or whatever marinade you have at hand.

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Although one can make this beef stir fry recipe without the soy sauce, but I don't think this is something I would want to do since the beef looks sooooo colourful with the soy sauce all over the beef. The combination of rice vinegar, honey, salt, grated ginger, honey, onions, spring onions, fresh pepper, black peppercorn, cumin, garlic and plenty of soy sauce makes for a fulfilling marinade that even got better as the broth from the beef sirloin steak mixes in very well while stir-frying.

Garnishing the sauce with fresh parsley was just the icing on the cake as the parsley is very flavourful, colourful, delicious and nutritious but you can as well try any other herb or vegetables of choice but do ensure you don't get the herbs or veggies overcooked.

beef stir fry-3
I believe any vegetable can still work wonders as well. Apart from that, there is nothing much to mention about this beef stir fry recipe as it is quite a straightforward recipe that is worth giving a try anytime, any day.

Just serve the beef stir fry with some bowls of cooked rice and you have a mouthwatering and nutritious meal for yourself and for every member of your family.

beef stir fry copy

Peradventure you have never tasted this dish before then you are definitely missing a whole lot. I encourage you to give this recipe a try and no doubt you will enjoy the dish.

Please share your opinions about this recipe in the comment section. Every opinion counts!!! After all we all here to learn and share knowledge with each other.

Ciao from Blessing :D



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