Beef Pepper Soup

Beef Pepper Soup

Today I am very happy to share one of the most appetising and delicious meat recipes popularly known as beef pepper soup. Pepper soup is a spicy and hot soup recipe commonly prepared with either fish or meat.
Last week I visited my local meat market where I was fortunate to buy assorted beef parts which I used for this special beef pepper soup dish. Pepper soup is more like a regular routine in my family especially during festive periods but I can prepare this dish up to three times  a week once there are enough meat and ingredients for the preparation.
Apart from the appetising nature of this beef pepper soup, it is also a perfect relief from cold especially when prepared with hot spices and chilli peppers. While I was preparing this beef pepper soup dish, I knew that my visitors will enjoy it, although that was their  first time trying it out and believe me, I wasn't wrong at all. They enjoyed every bit of it and even requested that I write down the recipe for them on a piece of paper so they can prepare it anytime, anywhere they want to....
I really love the aromatic nature and taste this beef pepper soup renders and I can assure you that you can never go wrong with the taste. The beef pepper soup is often prepared with assorted beef parts, chilli pepper, hot spices and spicy vegetables. The meat are often cut into tiny bits for easy scooping along with the light meat broth.
Beef pepper soup is basically something you can prepare year round so I am always excited and looking forward to preparing it.
This beef pepper soup really does have a pack of flavor packed in it, thanks to the uziza spices, utazi leaves and pepper soup spices. A plate of freshly cooked beef pepper soup is just  the perfect accompaniment at all times. If you are considering a different from the typical beef recipes for all year round, then give this beef pepper soup a try, and I bet you will always look out for more.


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