I was quite ecstatic when a good friend of mine invited me over to her house to cook for her son's 1st year birthday. I jumped at  the offer and decided to prepare a unique dish that will suit the loving summer weather.
Beef Berbeaceau........ 
When I remember the aroma and colourful sight of a mouthwatering beefy-sticky dish, I do think of  tantalising homemade  BBQ,  with smoking coals, flammable and hot grill whereby an individual or many people stand around a flammable haze happily  fanning the grill with a hand fan or thick paper. Basically, the grill consists of wire grates placed over the coals which hold the skewers of properly seasoned barbeque.
bbq skewer....
In the time past, I thought that BBQ's meat was a special type of meat but I was wrong...... The truth is that beef barbeque is nothing more than grilled pieces of boneless beef or skinless chicken knitted through a wooden skewer.
bbq onions
However, before knitting the meats through the skewer, the meat ought to be seasoned and marinated for few hours so as to give it that tasty and juicy aroma. Moreover, thickly cut onions and bell pepper are knitted together with the meats.
I prefer to coat the meat with peanut butter as this helps the meat to remain fresh and juicy internally, even though the outside is crispy charred. Kudos to my mummy, who thought me this little trick.
So I present to you my own version of beef barbeque and I hope you will find it interesting.
Feel free to submit your recipes on how to make BBQ here.


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